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Hi congrats to you..I failed last March 30.Hoping that I will pass with NGN..I'll be taking mine again in May.I thought getting eligibility is the most stressful but in my situation right now its passing the NCLEX..😭Can you please let me know if how will  you go with the visa screen.thanks..

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uounique said:

Hi Everyone,

I got my USA license because of reading all the posts on allnurses (including this one).

I graduated from ACU in Sydney 12 years ago, Trying to get the license in WA but CGFNS CES reports said the deficit in pediatric clinical hours. Contacted all the colleges + universities in WA, they don't provide single-subject courses. Also, covid19 has made the situation worse. 

Then, I tried Montana BON, and lucky I was able to sit for my NCLEX-RN exam. So, currently registered as RN with Montana BON. 







Congratulations Annie,

I know this has been long. I schooled at JCU and I am stuck between choosing NY or Montana only because CGFNS evaluated my application to New Mexico as insufficient. Please what are the steps in getting ATT from Montana?


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Hi you can do NY as well just go to the website.I just passed my NCLEX with NY I graduated here in Australia.Not deficient with OB,PSYCH or Peds.

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OK. I am unto it right now.


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OzNurse73 said:

Well good news, I passed NCLEX in 75 questions. And I am officially RN licensed in NY. What a journey. Now for the next stage, Visa Screen etc etc etc. This process just goes on and on and on...

Congratulations on your success.

I was wondering if you had to apply through CGFNS for your CVS for NY BON or if it was through NY BON website.

I have already applied for CES in the Texas board and just found this thread, which seems to have some positive results with Australian-educated nurses.

Do you think it will be worthwhile to wait for my CES report for Texas before I start my application for NY BON ?

Also how long did it take for NY BON to approve your ATT?


Thank you so much for your response.


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Hi I applied through NY website and it was smooth just have some backlogs with covid so long waiting time and I was reviewing while im waiting so that was OK.. no idea with Texas..sorry.

For the ATT it is only 48 hrs by the time you register or you can call them and by the time youre call finish they will issue ATT after 5 mins thats what my friend did but me I just waited so within 48 hrs.....maybe you are referring for exam eligibility and that took me 8 months but that was 2021 and covid time and now I think much quicker.

If you have money and time and effort maybe you can apply as well with NY.😁


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Since I have already applied and paid for CES for Texas state and processed to submit the documents to CGFNS, should I just apply for CVS for NY as they have all the required documents? And register in Texas by endorsement.  How much time & money is needed for applying directly through NY BON?

Do I have to work in NY before I can apply for registration in Texas by endorsement?

I am just confused about what should I do next because I am sure I am going to have the same issues with insufficient hours in pediatrics and maternity as all Australian nurses. I am keen to work in Texas, as it's the easier option as it seems.  So should I just apply for CVS and go through this pathway to get registration in Texas?  Anyone that can answer my questions is deeply appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi this is Frank Millington on behalf of Clearport in Canada. We are recruiting nurses to work in the USA and are especially looking for Nurses from Australia due to our special program entry options. If anyone on this chat would like to know more, please reach out to me at [email protected] or simply read the following to see if you qualify and then follow my instructions to apply:

You must have the following: 

Successful candidates must meet all these requirements

●   Have a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

●   Have a current, unencumbered, active license to practice as a Registered Nurse in your country.

●   Minimum six months of Adult Medical/Surgical experience in an acute care setting preferred.

●   Have a current BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) certification; ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life support preferred but not required.

●   Have passed or be willing and able to pass the NCLEX exam (U.S. Nursing exam)

●   Have a clean background and be able to pass a Criminal and Professional background check.

●   Have never been deported from the USA or Canada.

●   Have never been denied a Visa to the US or Canada.

●   Have fluent professional and medical English (Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking); willing and able to pass an IELTS.

●   Fully Vaccinated (Covid).

If you feel you qualify and want to apply, please go to: and click on the workers tab, then click on the US jobs section and then click on the Registered Nurse  for USA and it will take you to the page with this list and the option to apply at the bottom of the page.  Please apply and we will then be in contact with you.


Best Regards, 

Frank Millington on behalf of Clearport

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Has anyone been able to endorse their license to Florida or Georgia? I'm an Australian Graduated nurse currently licensed with NY and wanting to apply to apply to the above states.

Does anyone know if CES report is required?

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