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My husband was just promoted to a new position within his company. The issue is that the position is in Australia. I am very excited about this but I think I also want to work there, but I am only a Certified Nursing Assistant and the RN program that I am in doesn't start until the fall.

So my question is what is the equivelant to a CNA in Aust.? And would it be possible to work there?

Can anyone help me?


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It would be quite possible for you to work here. In Victoria, they are called PCAs (Personal Care Attendants), and I would imagine that nursing homes would take you on in that capacity.


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You may find the following site helpful this is the Australian nursing council web site.

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Alright!!!!!!!!!!!!Congrats I would love to go! Can I sneak in with you!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Thank you so much for your replys. I greatly appreciate it.

If anyone can fill me in on any details that you may think is important, please do so..

I have been searching the internet a lot but it is overwhelming..



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welcome to the great southern land - I do hope that you and your husband and family will find it to be a wonderful time

just curoius as to know if you know where approximately you will be living - ie largest main city / state - from there we may be ab;e to give my advice and direction

I am hoping to shortly put in the Austraila forum that has been created for us down unders some links to common questions that are asked - ie tourism and working etc - Anyway

Great to hear of your move - you should get some sort of work and make sure you have lots of details as far as what study etc you have done as you will most likely be able to continue furtehr study out here if you want

The worl is your oyster - BTW - they are loveyl and fresh out here - if you like them - we have lots of yummy seafood and a great variety of food. - VCheck out what we dont have there is sure to be someone who can tell you - so that you can try and find a supplier - when l was oversea - missed my vegemite.

tookie and missed a polly waffle


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Kangaroos kick; Koala Bears have lice; Dingos have mange and the water is full of Sharks!--but, Australian's are way cool! smg--here's wishing you and hubby the very best! Enjoy!


Lois Jean


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We are moving to Townsville in North Queensland.

I am very excited and have been searching on the internet a lot. But I can't seem to find too much information on a Nursing Assistant position or a Personal Care Assistant.


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Good luck smg. I am completely jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Originally posted by renerian

Good luck smg. I am completely jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me too !!!!

i wanna come too!! Is there room for three kids a hubby, two dogs and 4 cats?


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Take your coolest clothes and your wet weather gear - cyclones and tropical storms tend to hit Townsville in the summers. Make the effort to go to the Julia Creek Rodeo just before Easter (10hrs west but well worth the trip). Biggish hospital in Townsville, should be easy to find work as a care assistant.

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