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Austin, TX NP preceptor

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Hello all,

I am a FNP student currently living in north Austin, Texas and working at Baylor Scott and White. Has anyone had any luck finding NP/MDs to precept for clinicals in the area? The program I'm in requires students to find their own clinical sites/preceptors. I've found one preceptor, but am still looking to find preceptors to fill my other semesters.


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So I'll assume you are in the South University program at Austin.

You should know that the competition for preceptors is fierce in most areas of the country. As a result there is very little colleagiality in this area. This system has reduced otherwise helpful fellow students into secretive I, me, mine individuals.

You will need several others besides the assessment preceptor you presently have to equal a total of 720 hours of free education so a for-profit can pocket all the money.

The school should help with substantive leads to willing preceptors but they don't in any organized or contractual way. This leaves you, personally, to compete with other NP students, PA and medical students who go to schools that do provide this valuable entre' to the preceptor community.

This is an expensive for-profit school. It's a shame they are not prone to sharing some of that tuition money or even offer assistant professorships to those who might otherwise be inclined to help you out.

I can't say enough about this problem because what is your recourse if you can't find a needed preceptor except to throw good money after bad.

This situation has the effect of leaving you stranded without a degree and in a world of debt.

But by looking at their graduation and retention rates isn't that what the for-profits do?

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