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We have to performa physical assessment on Monday. My instructor gave me a check off list for this. We are suppose to auscultate the aortic, pulmonic, tricuspid and mitral valve. Is this s1 s2? what is the correct way to check the jugular vein. I'm getting conflicting ways to do it.. Thanks for any help

i just passed this in my clinical class,

Best way to check jugular vein is to have the person lie down flat and have them turn their head, left and right and you should see some pulsation.

best way to ascultate aortic, pulmonic e.t.c is to look at a picture of the heart and identify where they are located and find it on yourself

(locating it on a picture really helped me)

s1= apical and i think mitral is the same thing.

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you left out erbs.


you left out erbs.


wasn't taught erbs in my class - instructor said it was old-fashioned and no longer used. hmm.

at A&P S2 is louder. T&M, S1 is louder.

Wow that is strange you aren't required to do Erbs, they told us that is where most murmurs are heard?

To check Jugular vein distention, place pt in a supine position and raise HOB or place pillows so the pt's head is raised 45 degrees. Observe for visible jugular pulsation. Rationale: normal veins are flat when client is sitting and pulsations become evident as the client's head is lowered. Jugular venous pressure exceeding 1 in indicates fluid overload. (Information received from nursing interventions and clinical skills, Potter and Perry and Elkin)

aortic s2 is louder, is found at 2nd ics rsb

pulmonic s2 is louder, is found at 2nd ics lsb

erbs if found 3rd ics lsb, s1 and s2 are equal here

tricuspic is found 4th ics lsb, s1 louder

mitral, pmi, and apical pulse are found 5 ics mcl, s1 is louder

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