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On Friday the Pa Health and Human Services Subcomittee On Health broadcast a hearing on the shortage of nursing and healthcare workers. I know I can be very negative about a lot of things but seriously folks this is great stuff. It will be rebroadcast tomorow, Monday July 30th a 1pm on the Pennsylvania Cable Network on PCN.

(evertime I see PCN I think penicillin how about you?) Terri Evans president of PASNAP gave testimony. If it wasn't for her there would have no news from the bedside. Of course there were plenty of nursing PHDs and DONs and I do not diminish their contrabutions but Terri is also a ICU nurse and can give the view from the trenches.

yway, Terri Evans the president of PASNAP gave testimony.

Thanks, I'll watch!:)

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I expect to be sleeping as I work tonight :(. But thanks for keeping us posted, Oramar. Hopefully there'll be a summary somewhere where we can find out what went on.

I tried to set my VCR to get a copy of this incase someone wanted to see it but the darn thing seems to be malfunctioning. However, I set my alarm to go off at 1 cause I want to see this again.

can someone let me know what it was about? I'll be sleeping too since I also work nights. I live in York, PA which is about a four hour drive from Pitt. I'm not a nurse (yet). Just now applying to college at age 22. LOTS of articles in the papers about the shortage. Anyway, let me know what's going on if at all possible. Thanks! :D

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th of August 2001, PCN will broadcast Pa house Subcommitte on Healthcare hearings. Possible it will be rebroadcast of the topic I posted here two weeks ago. If it is an orginal broadcast it should still be interesting. I love stuff like this for some strange reason. While everyone else is watching the Big Brother House or Survivor I am watching reruns of some obscure State or Federal hearing. Weird I know. My favorite subjects are healthcare and armed services but I enjoy them all.

Hey! I'm a Navy vet!

The most interesting hearings I have heard about so far was for otter stockings. This raised up images of llittle water rodents being fitted for hosery in my mind. I got to watch that one.

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