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Attention Chicago area nurses! I need some info, please help!

by oriellyk oriellyk (New) New

So, I absolutely love Chicago..I used to live there, but moved back to Michigan to complete a nursing program. I really want to move back to Chicago in January of 2013, but it doesn't seem that nurses are compensated that well in the city? I hope I'm wrong, and just have been getting negative feedback concerning the move. In order to be able to make ends meet, I would need to make at least $3000 take home pay (I have almost $90,000 in student loans from a previous Bachelor's degree) as a new grad. I'm also not very picky about where I start out (mostly because a new grad generally can't be too choosy). Is this possible, or should I just give up on Chicago and start looking elsewhere? I would really appreciate any feedback that anyone could give me. Thanks!

Uhm. The Chicago market, is very tight.

If I were you, I'd just try and concentrate on just getting "ANY NURING JOB" hopefully one you won't need to quit as soon as you are hired. You also need to know that there are no license pending graduate nurse type nursing jobs in IL. You must have your license to practice in hand.

Have you ever looked to see how many nursing colleges spit out new nurses in Illinois? Take a look at your competition for Illinois jobs ...yup keep scrolling down, it goes on for quite a long list!

State of Illinois, Illinois Center for Nursing - Education Opportunities

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