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I would like to share with what happened to me prior taking my exam and it's another ATT story. I was #7 in the line for admission, so my number was called. The gentleman in the desk asked for my ATT and my ID. Suddenly he told me that my ATT is EXPIRED, whaatt?:eek:

So I looked at it, yeah it was my ATT I used last January:no:. Oh my, Oh my grabbed the wrong ATT:smackingf. I suddenly got into panic:sstrs:, went out from the testing center and looked for Kinko's.

Oh man, Kinko's is at 117th St. and I was at 103rd St. So while waiting for the bus :urgycld:, I looked inside my big bag because I knew for sure that I put my latest ATT in there. After I read LOUIMEDS' post I double checked my ATT and put in my bag. I took out everything in my bag, Thank God I found the correct ATT.:wshgrt:

Then I ran ran back to the testing center.:dncgcpd:

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