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You are taking the NCLEX for licensure, as you do not hold a license in any other state in the US. The area where they are asking about Visa SCreen is primarily for nurses who began work in the US from Canada. Some states in the past had reciprocity with Canada and their scores from their Canadian exams were accepted. But now everyone is required to have the Visa Screen Certificate, so there is a litlle difference in the way that it is processed.

Since NY told you that you were sent your ATT letter, it is okay for you to go ahead and register for the exam.

Congratulations! :balloons:

Hope that this helps....................

Thank you so much! Suzanne. I have read the selection over and over again, I still got confused about the selection. Thanks for explaining to me.

Since I've never seen what an ATT looks like, I thought that I need to have an ATT in hands before register for the exam, because I have to bring the ATT with me as an identification on the test day. :imbar So I don't actually need the ATT in hands, but I need to know if they have approved my application to take the exam, and the ATT means " authorization to test " . Am I right?

Again, thank you for your help.


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I am really confused now. I just got an e-mail from NYS Education Department, which is replied a question I asked via e-mail yesterday. They said, " You should not apply until you receive the eligibillity letter. The

letter was mailed 10/29/04. You should have received it. You can apply

for the exam. Your education has been approved. " :uhoh3: Now they are telling that I shouldn't apply until I get the ATT. It's been two weeks since they sent out the letter. My address is in NY. That's why I feel unusual not to receive a letter over two weeks. I was hoping that they could send another one to me, but it seems that they want me to wait for more time. Sould I just call them? or I just need to wait as they said? Does anybody have any idea?

Thank you.

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