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I have not seen this posted for a bit in Ohio. I wanted to give all of us new grads some current information on timing for NCLEX after graduation. My class took it's final on MArch 16th 2010. the pinning was on March 18th 2010. I recieved my ATT on april 5th 2010 (18 total days after pinning). I immediatly used the Pearson online site and called at the same time (really just wanted to see which process was faster). the automated system was still doing the talking about what was required and how to do things and i had already booked my test date and time. Use the online system if you can. I was very lucky since i wanted to test right away and tomorrow April 7th was available for testing. I take my test on April 7th at 2pm at the center of my choice. My friend in school wanted the same center but she got a April 28th first available date. But she could have gone to another site too. Just depends on the site your testing at.

Just wanted to give you the FYI on the current time frame.


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Also another quick note, I took my test on wednesday the 7th of April and my test results were posted on the OBON web site ( RN number and all) in exactly 24 hours!


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Congrats! :)

I sent my application in to the Ohio Board of Nursing in late April. My last official day of the semester was May 14th and Pinning was May 18th. I received my ATT today (May 21st) and scheduled the earliest available appointment (June 2nd).

I think the key to getting your ATT quickly is sending the application into the Board ahead of time. I'm so glad my instructor told me to do so...I really think it helped me "beat the rush" because apparently it can get pretty backed up.


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Thank You!.

I found out that not all schools do it the way we did. Our school took 4 hours out of one day and we all applied on the same day, paid and submitted to the board all our application information. This happened months before graduation. I was surprised to know most schools dont do this and find students getting information that their application is incomplete. I's sad that more schools dont take the bull by the horns and help their students make sure they are getting things done right!



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