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Is anyone familiar with ATI testing and their Proficiency Levels??

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Yes, we take them every semester (4 this semester and 4 during summer school).

Here is the breakdown of the levels for each test

Thanks Don1984. Do you know how they add back points??? I don't understand that. There has got to be a formula they follow. Why not have the grades come up as they are instead of having to add points to it?? I don't understand this, do you?

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Your school should have an entire policy on this. It will include how they score and what this means to the student.

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If you are talking about the proctored exams, when we finish a test, we get a report with our score immediately after finishing the test. Not sure what you mean by adding back points. If the test has 65 questions, 5 questions are beta questions that ATI is testing if they are valid questions and don't count against you.

They may have this information; however upon request for information, they said for me to contact ATI.

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Perhaps the questions you got wrong were the beta test questions and not counted in your final score/assessment...

Anything is possible

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