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ATI proctored test, passing at a level 2

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Ok, so I take my ATI pharmacology exam in a few days. I have taken both of the practice tests and are doing horrible. How will I ever achieve a level 2 proficiency if I cannot pass the practice tests?

Any advice for me on how to pass this stupid test? For those of you that have recently took the pharmacology proctored exam, are there suggestions on what I should focus on?

How do they determine who is at a level I, II, or III?

For Pharm 60 question exam. Level 1 is 56.7 - 70.0% Level 2 is 71.7 - 83.3% Level 3 is 85.0 - 100%


Has 3 years experience.

Are the percentages accurate? I have seen people reply on here that the average one year was a 55% and they scored a higher percentage ( I think in high 60's) and passed with a level 2


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Last year they went from 2010 version to 2013 version and the pass level percentages changed (went up). Fortunately, my cohort was in the middle of the switch over and the school allowed us to test using the 2010 version because 2013 was not fully integrated at the beginning of our program.


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Is the test as difficult as the practice tests? Are there any other studyguides out there to help me achieve a level 2 or higher?

I used an ATI app on my android phone. I loved it and used it every day to study. I've been a nurse for a few years now and I still use it to make sure I stay sharp on text book nursing. Good luck!


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