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Asthma more common in adults or kids?


Hi I have a question to all the seasoned as well as brand new nurses according to your experience does asthma happend more with an adults or kids?

BTW-I have an asthmatic animal (a dog to be precise) It is amazing to see how similar pets can be to human (in terms of disease conditions-very similar s/s-asthma attack after cold swim,exercise,stress-wow just really amazing!!

Thank you!!!

There are a lot of newly diagnosed adult asthmatics. They don't ever get better. Children with asthma seem to get better.

This is just in my experience and observation.

thanks, I'm asking this since in the days of my nursing school education I havent seen too many adults diagnosed with an Asthma hower once I hit running the peds floor it was an entirely different story..I have seen many kids with asthma so I came to conclusion that maybe as kids grow the asthma becomes less severe and has a milder form/progression than of that in younger years....just like sometimes kids grow out of their allergies as opposite of some kids who used to not have any allergies in their childhood just to discover brand new allergies once they hit an adult years..I guess it greatly depends on an individual....

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I see it in all age populations.

I'm just a nursing student but as a kid I didn't have asthma and grew into as I got older.