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So a little background, I am about to finish my associates degree in Nursing (RN). I was trying to look for an online program that will allow me to transform my Associates degree into a Bachelors degree. I was hoping for a short, online and inexpensive program. Do you have any suggestions?

PS: my goal is to become a trauma nurse.

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I was hoping for a short, online and inexpensive program. Do you have any suggestions?

Online, you can find.

Short and inexpensive? Not so much.

any Ideas what schools?

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You may want to wait a bit until you are comfortable in your first job before you jump into the additional stress of a degree completion program. FYI, there's no "transformation" involved - you just have to complete all the additional requirements needed for the BSN. You would also have an opportunity to take advantage of any tuition reimbursement offered by your employer.

Look at the programs available through traditional nursing schools. Most of them now have RN-BSN programs with most, if not all, classes online. They are a lot less expensive than commercial (for profit) schools & your BSN diploma will look just the same as if you attended the traditional program. Basically, RN-BSN programs are structured for working students so it will be much more do-able than your ADN program.

I would suggest starting by having a conversation with counselors at your current school to see if they have any degree-completion agreements with 4 year schools. A lot of them do. This would mean that you won't have to go through a big song and dance to see how many of your credits will transfer because they have already worked that out through the agreement.

Best of luck to you. Keep us posted on your progress.

Thank you very much for your answer.

We have few problems in the area of Washington.

1) Most hospitals only hired BSN nurses

2) The school where I am currently completing my RN. only have information from one school only and that school is far away from home. they do offer online classes but you have to be at school at least 3 times during the Week. they called Hybrid classes.


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There is a bunch of information on the internet about rn to bsn online programs. Just google it and you will find a list of schools that you can then use to research which program will work best for you and your situation (budget, schedule etc)

I am currently attending Ohio University online it is reasonable and completion depends on if you take class one at a time or double up. doubling up can be challenging but doable you can check out the thread on AN here is the link

Thank you this is very useful.

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