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Hi, I'm in Arizona and just graduated with my AAS in Nursing, already passed my boards and got my license and I'm applying for my Cali license next week because my husband is from San Diego area and really pushing to go back there (I want to move really badly also, it's too stinkin hot here). Anyways, I'm trying to find out what the job situation is like out there, especially for Associates Degree RN's. Are there any areas that are better than others?? I'm starting to stress because it seems like it's almost impossible, I just have to hold out hope that something will work out. I will take any RN job, I don't care what facility or what type of specialty. I know this probably gets asked a lot, but I'd love any advice or help out there. And please if all you have to say is don't move here, I'd rather not here it, everyone anywhere is saying that. I don't know one place that I've heard someone from there say "move here, it's great." Anyways, like I said, any advice!!! Thanks :) :nurse:

Well, the market is bad for new grads and worse for those with only associates degrees. I don't know of anyone getting interviews or jobs in hospitals without a BSN. Maybe nursing homes or school nursing? I don't know.

Thanks for the info, I start my BSN in July, but won't have it till next May or earlier hopefully (it's a do it at your own pace program with 5 week courses).

If you can get some RN experience in Arizona and move to CA with a BSN and some nursing experience you should be okay.

I am going in the Navy as a nurse in about two years (Navy nurse candidate program, just have to finish my BSN) if I can't move to San Diego this summer with a job, I may just try and bump the Navy Nurse Candidate program up 1 year and just stay in Arizona, I just can't deal with the heat, it's awful. I just miss the ocean breeze and the mild weather.

Yeah the new grad positions cost a lot of money to train new nurses and they are only looking for long term candidates, most requiring at least a two year contract, sometimes more.

good luck... idk about people with ADN not getting jobs some 3 of my friends just passed boards and 2 of them went into ICU and the other onto med surg floor with Associate's only might vary on the location in california you are in?

hi rachelle82.

i'm and adn rn from sd. i graduated in december 2011, and passed cali boards in february. there is only one classmate of mine who is actually working as an rn right now and that is only because he already worked as a tech in the ed. he had prior arrangements with his boss once he passed his boards. the rest of us are struggling right now and are hardly even getting interviews. i work for one of the largest healthcare providers in so cal right now and have no guarantees. i'm competing against bsns and almost all sd hospitals are magnet status (only hiring bsn and up). so, as much as i would like to say, come out to sd, there are many reasons you might want to stay and finish up with what you have going on in az. a plus is that you are currently working on your bsn, so there is hope. just know that each job, residency, new grad position posted is getting thousands of applications. the economy has put a huge damper on the hiring of new grads. my organization just did a big sweep of the medical center and re-distributed rn to other units. good luck!!

The problem is that I'm running into that here too. I've applied in Phoenix Tucson here where I live in Sierra Vista, all over so cal, and El Paso. I am getting really frustrated.

Come to upstate New York! I just finished my first year of nursing school, but the senior class graduated with 72 kids and 55 already have full time jobs! The cost of living is peanuts compared to SD! You can get a 3000sq ft home with 10 acres of property for 200k, good luck finding any home in SD for the amount. Starting wages ranged from 25-28$/hr. Just some food for thought!

The problem is that I'm running into that here too. I've applied in Phoenix Tucson here where I live in Sierra Vista, all over so cal, and El Paso. I am getting really frustrated.

We all are right now. It is really tough and very discouraging. Hang in there.

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