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I have been reading a lot of posts saying that that bigger hospitals are requiring Nurses to have a BSN to work for them. I'm curious if anyone knows if it helps if you are in the process of obtaining your Bachelors, if you already have your AS. Kind of how teachers are required to have a masters degree but usually start working with only their Bachelors and have so many years to complete the masters. Thanks!

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It doesn't hurt however, whether or not it helps you in any way depends on the particular hospital. More specifically it depends on the feelings of those that do the hiring and the firing at any given hospital. There just isn't a cookie cutter answer.

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Most hospitals don't have a set policy on requiring BSN vs. ADN. Magnet hospitals need to have a certain percentage of RNs who have a BSN, but that certainly doesn't preclude them hiring ADNs (the hospital I work at, a magnet facility, has about 50/50 in our unit).

IMO, experience and general competence and fit for the unit, as demonstrated in the interview, goes a lot farther at getting hired than whether you have a BSN or an ADN.

Where I live, the difference in an ASN and BSN is that if you want to get into management, (or further your education), you're going to need a BSN. We do have magnet hospitals here as well, but I see ASN nurses getting hired all of the time...but my clinical instructor told us once that these magnet hospitals that hire the ASN nurses sometimes require that nurse to get their BSN in a certain amount of time...usually these hospitals pay for that nurse's education.

You'd think there'd at least be a salary differential.

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