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ALF should be able to use lifts to assited with transfering resident/falls/FOF. WE NEED LIFTS. Why can't ALF have these???


I'm sick of being flipped around on nights and days please freaking pick a shift and keep me there. I'm sorry we can't keep staff but damn doesn't mean my life should be turned upside down until we find people for the spot. And all the help I provide and No pay raise to incorporate my flexibility.


Why the hell does night shift only have 3 caregivers and 1 med tech for all three buildings. As a med tech I may have emergencyin all three buildings while the caregiver is doing their rounds or on break so technically 1 buildingwill be abandoned or it may require all of us to get a particular resident up off the floor. I believewe should have at least 2 med techs and 3 caregivers. We have high fall risks and other people that need close attention!!!

So does anyone know why ALF cannot have lifts and how do you suggestthat we approach management about increasing STAFF???


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I don't know why . But I can commiserate with you. I worked at an ALF as a new grad, lasted about 2 months. Found a new job at a non medical psych facility and it's so much better run. I hope it works out for you! ((Hugs))

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Did not know that ALF's could not use lifts. But if that's true (and not just your facility's policy), perhaps it's because anyone requiring a lift usually needs much more assistance with ADL's than an ALF traditionally provides.

As as to how to get management to hire more staff, when you figure that one out, come back and tell us. We'd all love to know.

I worked in an ALF (and I use the term loosely as many of our residents were total care) and we routinely used lifts.