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I'm currently in my 3rd year of nursing school and its a part time program. This year is all med surg and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good study guides that they have used to get through this? A few I've heard of were Medical Surgical Made Easy and Med Surg Straight A's. Anyone use those? Or any other suggestions?


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I use Medical-Surgical Nursing, Reviews and Rationales. I bought it last semester, and have found it to come in handy multiple times. It is at Barnes and Nobles, and I have included a link here just so you can see it : Hope this helps!

Follow whatever your teacher gives you as a guide. If you can study more then that great, if not, don't worry about it.

I'm currently taking my medsurge course too. I have found really helpful the "medical-surgical made incredibly easy" helpful. I like it cause our book the chapters (as I'm sure yours are too) go into so much depth and after reading the chapters reading the incredible easy books clarifies alot of stuff for me, then I look over key points again. I use the Suander's nclex books, they have sections with just systems, like cardiac and breaks it down, then questions with rationales and then a drug section for each system. The CD i believe doesn't work for macs though, mine didn't but maybe the newer additions do. I do nclex quite often and it helps with tests so any nclex books might help. Good Luck!

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