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I am looking for examples of different kinds of assignment sheets for postpartum.I teach RN students and need to get them better organized. I know most of the hospitals now have some kind of assignment sheets for their nurses. When I worked the floor,I came up with my own system, folding paper and making columns.

Does anyone have one they could share? Basically, I want one that has all the information they would need for report, along with a way to organize themselves throughout the shift.


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I work in an LTC and we have assignment sheets listing residents, room numbers, what they're here for, and PCPs down the first column. Second column is for notes (in this case: I+O, odd behavior, other necessary things to report) and the third column is for V/S. I always fold mine in threes and then in half so it fits nicely in my pocket (still showing all patient names). Easily unfolded to record important information. Good luck! :)

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If you send me your email, I will send you my mother/baby report sheet.

I can't send private messages; could you please either send me a copy through the site or post it? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a ton.

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