ASN from a university???

Nursing Students ADN/BSN


How does one get an ASN from a four year university and why would anyone want to go to four years of college for such a degree and not just get their BSN? :confused:

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many such programs are built as 2+2:

two years receive asn and can get into workforce then return for final 2 years for bsn....popular when there was a true nursing shortage and economical.

pa's gwyneed mercy nursing program is one example and just celebrated it's 50th year! very popular with nurses when i started my career in 1977.. many of my colleagues moved onto msn through this program.

I think I saw a program like that at Fullerton University. In their program, one earns an ADN, then one doesn't need to re-apply for the BSN program - it's automatic. I think the classes are set up towards earning a BSN. I'm not really sure, I just scanned through their website.

At Eastern KY University there is an ADN or ASN, not sure which. I didn't know about until recently after I had taken all my credits else where and some wouldn't transfer. Too bad too... cuz the school I am at now is 45 mins drive. EKU would have been only a 4 minute drive! Oh well, you live and you learn, right.

OH, and the reason I personally wouldn't want to go ahead and do the BSN is because I absolutely hate school.... truly. I have worked since I was 14 and I am used to it. School is not my thing and living on student loans, the less time in school, the better. The ADN thing might hold me back from some places but I don't really see the point to prolong my misery in school. lol

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