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ASN going back to school (no job yet)to get my BSN. Will i be considered a new grad after I finish the BSN program?


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yes.if you have not worked in any nursing capacity as an RN, you will be considered a new grad. But, your opportunities will open up a little more with that BSN....

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That sucks you have not obtained a job yet. I Doubt the reason you have not been hired is because you have a ADN. However, a BSN will make you more marketable but it will guarantee you a job. You may have to research hospitals and/or other medical facilities in other areas of your city. I will pray that you are successful in finding a job in next few days.

Yes, the reason isn't the ASN NurseCarey. I'm in SoCal and all the facilities I applied to for new grad opportunities say they only have 20-25 openings and that they are already filled. I got my license at the beggining of the this year and (most hospitals were/are on a hiring freeze) was told by some recruiters that I would only be considered for new grad positions for the 1st year following graduation. Plus, the economy isn't helping either that's why I'm considering going back to school or staying out of nursing for now. Thanks for your comments and wish me luck.

Ok good luck to you too. Now you have me thinking. I have been told numerous of times that the hospital in my area dose not have a shortage of nurses also but by the time I Graduate I hope this is not the case. If so I am going to enroll in a NP or Pa program.