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Hi all, I am so lucky ,when I am preparing for the application of Nursing school, I become a member of the allnurses.

Now ,I just preparing for the TOEFL exam, at first I hope I can apply the MN in UMN .But now I think it is a difficult program for me because of my poor Cumulative GPA is only 3. we have different score rules with the US .so when I translate my GPA TO US ,it is so poor. Please give me some advices . I want apply for the fall 2016 . So it is important to me , I also face to finish my prerequisite at first. Do you have any website for the ranking the Nursing school in MN?

Thank you all of you .


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This shows the NCLEX pass rates for Minnesota nursing schools. By looking at the pass rates you can get a good idea for how well the schools prepare their students for licensure.

However, there is a lot of other things to consider when choosing which schools to apply to. You can use these statistics as a resource to get you started, but you have to do some research about each nursing school to decide what is YOUR best option.

Good Luck!!


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If you are applying to a MANE college, a low 3s GPA might get you in if you score in the 80s on your TEAS test. I had a 3.0 GPA in the required classes and I scored an 84 on the TEAS and was accepted at Anoka Ramsey and start nursing school next Monday. Also realize that these schools take your scores ONLY from the 4 prereq classes,it varies but at ARCC the classes were chemistry, general psychology, biology, and English reading and writing for college and liberal arts. The other classes don't count towards admittance, but I believe you do need to have a 2.75 GPA overall(not positive on that). Good luck!!


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Does anyone know if we have to take the chemistry they offer? Or does a general course, like principes of chemistry I work?


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Also for the biology course, does a biology course taken over 10 years previously work, or even microbiology? I called today to talk to someone at anoka and didn't get very far, it was very frustrating.


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I would probably attempt to apply at a MANE school. My credits looked bad due to previously going to a school on a trimester system, and so when adjusted looked like I didn't have enough credits in this and that. My application was such a mess I didn't even know what my composite score was and I still got into a competitive program with a very high NCLEX pass rate. I would think that school counselors would be able to figure out some kind of way to adjust things for you, or maybe let you test out of some prereqs. Worst case, retake some prerequisites and/or do very well on the TEAS to pad up your score.

The link posted above doesn't work but if you google "nclex pass rate mn" that will show you the info you're looking for.