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Asked to write statement for a nurse

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding revalidation for current nurses? Can a person who is no longer practising as a nurse and does not have current registration (either lapsed of own accord or have removed themselves from the register) be credible to write a statement on a practising nurse? Would the nmc accept it, or do they have their own stipulations?


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You need to go to the NMC site on revalidation - it will give you all the answers you need.

But why would you need a statement from someone? Do you mean a confirmer?

Hi there, im not really up to speed on the revalidation because I havent done it. I vaguely remember that you have to prove you have done so many hours of clinical practice, CPD, reflections.

This nurse wants me to comment on how she supported me when i worked with her, and to comment on her conduct. Thats fair enough but i worked with her ages ago. Im not even there anymore.

I dont know but for some reason i am a bit confused by her request.

So i just wondered if anyone has wrote anything for a colleague sort of like a reference or anything similar? Generally im looking for some sort of advice.


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For reflective discussion you need to be an active registrant, for practice related feedback it could be anyone but must be within he revalidation period so you couldn't provide feedback from 5 years ago.


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all you can do as a non registrant is provide feedback which the registrant can then use to reflect upon when it comes to their revalidation.

When end you say it was ages ago that you worked with her, was it within the last three years, if it wasn't then it's not something she should be using to revalidation as it should relate to the last three years of practice along with clinical and CPD hours.


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