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Hi everyone!

I really would like an opinion from everyone. I had a hard time in college because I'm not interested in "gen Ed" courses. I learn best hands on. Well I've completed 39ct hrs and I only need 20 odd hours to graduate with my associate of science. I graduated as a Medical assistant in August and I LOVED doing that but it's been hard finding a job with no experience. Plus they only make $9-10/hr entry level. I have a child. Can't live off that!!

anyway, I was wondering if i should go back for my LVN or continue my coursework and get an associates degree.

Thanks everyone ������


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Look in your area to see what kinds of positions you can get with an AS. What do those positions pay?

Then look to see what positions you can get as an LPN. How much do those positions pay? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you'll end up making much more as an LPN, than someone with just an AS. Reason? You already have healthcare experience as an MA which will help you get something, especially if it's in an office setting.

The only people I see with only an AS that make around what LPNs make are those who have been in their field for years and got the AS for a specific reason (work required it, work offered to pay for it, etc).


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Look for an LVN program at a community college where you can earn an AAS or AS degree in conjunction with the LVN. Not common, but they are out there. Many of your present credits should transfer to such a program.

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Yeah I've been looking and everything I'm seeing are office mangers or something. I think I'll just go for my LVN. I want to get started now though. I have to take pre reqs and then apply then I wouldn't start til the next year. I feel like it will be another 2 years before i would even start the program. And private school are just too expensive!

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@caliotter3 everything around me is only certificates and I can't relocate .. I have to be near my support system. I will need help with my child

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What are you going to do with an AS degree in general studies? In general, this type of degree has no value or marketability in the employment market. It is used as a springboard for transferring to a bachelor's degree program.


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I should add too, that I got my LPN 10 years ago, but didn't finish my AA until this year. Once I got my AA, it didn't do anything for me as far as my professional world goes. No pay raises or anything. The AA only helped me get into the university I wanted to go to and cut down on the amount of Gen Eds needed for my university.

So, the Commuter brings up a great point about getting an AS in general studies. It's really only useful once you plan to continue your education. A specific AS or specific AA (AA in paralegal studies, etc) are good for the professional world, but like I said earlier, I've only seen those pay off with someone who has already been in their field for awhile.