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Arrested and expunged FBI


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Hello I have an old charge of 2 petty theft cases that were expunged. I have run an FBI background check on myself and they do not show up. I am getting ready to graduate school and apply to the BON in new mexico. Do I need to report these. I know that they ask about arrests but it has been expunged and does not show up? Does the BON run an FBI background check? I have also run a state check and nothing shows up

Lunah, MSN, RN

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I have moved your post to the Licensure: Criminal History forum to encourage responses from others who may have had similar issues. Please note that this forum is moderated so there is sometimes a delay in posts being approved. Best of luck to you!

medsurgRNCali, ASN

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How do you run a FBI background check on yourself? I did a livescan and everything showed up!! I have a license in CA and would like to relocate to FL, wondering about expunged charges