Hi can someone answer me a question (new)

  1. i was just wanting to know some information about becoming and LPN i am wanting to start trying to get into school in august and i was just wanting to know a few things. i have heard that they give each other shots and stuff in nursing school could someone tell me a little about that and tell me what i need to be good at to get into the school thank you so much for your help
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I am not sure about the specifics for the LPN. It depends on the school as to whether you will have to be on the receiving end of a needle for practice. I am in an ADN program and we used the manikens for practice and then did them on patients in clinicals, never on eachother. In my paramedic program we had to practice IV's and injections on oneanother, but you had the right to refuse to be on the receiving end if you didnt want to be... I would jsut check into local LPN programs and they will let you know if you need to take any college level classes to get in, if you havn't already.

  4. by   miracle1986
    hey inspiring_nurse..........it is way more than giving shots. you will not even get into that until the end of your training. want a heads up? get good in math. start studying anatomy online. volunteer as a candy striper in your local hospital. forget the shots. i have been an l.p.n. since 1980 and am almost done receiving my r.n.at p.s.u. take my advice. hit the books and hit the hospital floors. your future nursing advisors will admire you for it. good luck.
  5. by   inspiring_nurse2006
    thanks for all the advice i just feel so passionate about being a nurse i feel like its what im ment to do i want to work in labor and delivery
  6. by   miracle1986
    Hey inspiring_nurse, if you really are serious.....take my advice and you will breeze thru it. For future reference....call it "L&D".....nurses will think you know hwat you are talking about. (your future in 'Labor and Delivery'). If it is any consolation, it was my easiest rotation and class (L&D).
  7. by   Holly27
    As of this past semester.
    Baptist- Lpn practice on dummies and then pts (shot's and iv's). Even gave you vial of saline and a needle.
    Rn program- 1st shots on each other. Soph semester. I think. 1st iv senior semester on each other.
    I'm just lucky that another lpn and I are fast tracking and have decided to buddy up before senior semester. We already know that all the Rn students are going to want to be our best friend senior rotation! lol
  8. by   Mudwoman
    Quote from inspiring_nurse2006
    thanks for all the advice i just feel so passionate about being a nurse i feel like its what im ment to do i want to work in labor and delivery

    If you really want to work L&D, then go for the RN and preferably the BSN. There are a lot of hospitals that won't let you work L&D as an LPN. LPN's work in Ob/Gyn offices.
  9. by   CHATSDALE
    right on advise about the rn bit unless you can't get into a school in a reasonable amount of time
    if you can't go ahead with the lpn course some rn schools give preference to lpn or you could do a bridge
  10. by   LuvLondon04
    If I were you, I would try for an RN or BSN program as well as an LPN. I work at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville and our hospital has decided to stop hiring LPNs (I'm not sure if this is a federal thing or a hospital policy). Many LPNs in our cardiac ward can't even do assessments or many of their previous tasks.

    My best advice (after careful research of each level) is to at least plan to bridge or continue your education after the LPN at some point. Many hospitals give preference to those with at least an RN, and I just think it would make your overall nursing experience more positive. Good luck!!