Work during Nursing School ?2 How Many Hours?

  1. I am starting Nursing School in January and I am wondering how many hours those of you in the FULL TIME program are working and still managing to pull off good grades???
    How many hours what is your schedule and when do you study and how late??
    I might have to go back to work and maybe even drop out or defer starting this time around which is killing me inside.... but I have to help pay the bills so I will do what I have to do... I was just wondering if (before i decide to put off nursing school, which btw it has taken me 4 years to complete my pre reqs to get in) if it was going to be possible for me to work and go to school FULL-time. I dont have a choice about the full time because it's the program i got into.
    Thanks for reading!
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  3. by   GlendaleStudent
    I worked 40 hours a week in Blocks 1 & 2 and got decent grades, but I was
    in the P/T program. In Blocks 3 & 4 I will only be working 1 day a week as
    an extern. I am taking out students loans to help pay for bills. I don't know what you financial situation is, but have you thought about student loans?
  4. by   IrishItalianRN
    Ive done the sallie Mae thing but they only give you like $3500 a semester which for this one pretty much will be gone when we are done paying for BOOKS classes and uniforms shoes and steth.. Is that what you mean? Or is there more out there?
  5. by   Calzonan RN
    I would hate to see you drop out/defer right now, you've worked so hard! I look at it like this, we may have to struggle for two years, take out loans, whatever so I can get through NS, but when I'm done we'll have a much better lifestyle, my dh won't have to work the overtime he does, etc. It's well worth it if you can cut back anywhere, get rid of the cell phone, cable, internet, whatever it takes, just get through school!! Your situation probably won't be any better in 6 months or a year (if you defer) so do whatever it takes to get through now.
    I just hate to see you defer if there's a way you can stay in. Have you looked into working just one or two days a week? I know Thrashej was working at one of the hospitals doing ER admissions and they were pretty flexible with her, plus I think the $$'s better than CNA's make.
    Talk to the FA office and see if there's anything else you can do. Good luck, I know the financial stress of getting through NS, if you want to chat more PM me.
  6. by   NurseLatteDNP
    I am working 24 hours a week now, but I have started with 40 hours a week. That was just to much for me. I have a small child also. My friend still works 40 hours a week and makes A's. I think it all depends on you. Some people I know work 24 hours a month and still have trouble keeping up the grades.
  7. by   Spatialized
    Between the 2 jobs (regular job & externship) I average about 40 hours a week, plus school. I will say I wish it could be diffrent, but here up north, you have to have 2 incomes to even survive and moving is stupid at this point in the program (1 semester left!). I'm not sure how I have managed to maintain my grades, much less my sanity, but between the late nights and prioritizing you make it.

    Typically during the week, between shcool and work I roll in around 20:30 and stay up until 23:00 or so. I'm lucky though, my regular job starts at 13:00, and I can study there sometimes, so I can study on those days I don't have class or clinicals. For the externship I have a weekend schedule so every other weekend is shot, so I end up behind and have to claw back up.

    It's not been easy like I said above, but it is so worth it. If it has taken 4 years to even get to the starting line for school, don't let it go, do what it takes to follow it through. Like other posters have noted, check with financial aid and other alternative sources of loans/grants that the FA folks may be able to point you towards.

    Good Luck!
  8. by   IrishItalianRN
    How do you like it up North? I have wanted to move to Flagstaff area for years but i think it is probably too expensive now...
    Thanks for the advice, it helps to know that there are people out there that are able to do it. I'm afraid I'm not as naturally smart as those that are getting good grades and working full time.... but maybe im just hard on myself... Im going to try to work part time and see if that is enough to pay the bills hopefully my school work wont fall behind. If I can do that than maybe i will work a few more hours... I dont know
    I have applied for 5 jobs that are part time pool jobs that seem to be evening and weekend hours so hopefully i will get a call...PLEASE CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR US (us I mean my husband and son and I) =)
  9. by   Curious1alwys

    Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I feel for ya. $3500 per semester should cover more than just tuition and books though? Has something changed recently for you financially or did you just fail to do the $$$ calculations??? I may not be able to help you financially but maybe in some other way, with school or what not. For now, I am not dropping.....I know, that was last week's drama (I've been in a funk lately) . Maybe some of us could share books or something. I did not read mine cover to cover for Block 1...the same could be true for you...maybe you could delay buying a few right now??? I know I did not touch my study guides Block 1.....

    No switching to the PT program????? You would not be sorry......
  10. by   Calzonan RN
    Thrashej, Is it possible to switch to the p/t program? That would be so much easier on Italian, plus I would love to already know somebody in it :chuckle .
    I'm glad you decided to stick with it, I'm sure it must be hard on you right now. Did you guys get a break for Xmas, or are you going straight through? I'm trying to figure out if I'll be busy the WHOLE month of December next year, or if maybe I"ll have time to shop . We'll see I guess.
  11. by   IrishItalianRN
    Im going to stick to the full time program then so i can take classes in the summer... like religion and Psychology...for fun... I also wanted to take Italian... if they offer it this summer.
    Hopefully i will be able to bring in enough money, if not i guess i will have to inquire about going part time next term....
  12. by   Curious1alwys
    You won't be taking classes for "fun" anymore..... Nah, just kidding but you may find you need your time off!!!

    I think they will work with you to switch Keli. I have heard of other students doing that. Once you are officially "in" they work to accomodate you.

    Italian.....You'll be SSSSSOOOORRRRRRYYYY.....:chuckle Besides, how r u going to pay for the classes for "fun" if you can't afford the classes that are required? Confused...:uhoh21: I admire your determination, I am much the same, but I think you are getting ahead of yourself. I can't tell you how much more appealing the part time program was for so many people this semester. We had many that wished they had signed up for PT instead of FT. After all, you are out in the same amt of time......

    Ok, stepping off the soapbox.... :chuckle

    We all need to get together again, soon...
  13. by   Curious1alwys

    I told you this already.

    Yes, we get December off from the 11th to Jan 11th. One whole huge school free month. (that can I add is going by WAAYYY too fast???) I don't think the break between my Block 2 and 3 is quite so long...

    I'm 'sposed to be building a careplan database. Like that is ever going to get done, lol
  14. by   IrishItalianRN
    So your staying in for sure? Yes we do all need to get together again soon... preferably before these nutty class schedules start again.

    Paying for school isnt the issue. I get financial aid for that, when i take summer school I apply for summer aid too. I love to learn and Psych and Religion classes are so interesting to me. I just finished REL 243 world religions and loved it. I ended up with an A (108% with the extra credit) so now I'm done with my AGS (general studies degree). There are more classes i want to take though... BUT i really might want the break after BLOCK 1. If that is the case than breaking is what i will be doing...
    The part time program would be fine but i would rather have the summers off to do what i choose to do. I have a job interview on Thursday did i already tell you that? I dont remember. I started preparing for the interview already haha like the questions they ask and stuff like that.
    So when are we all getting together? I saw Angie123 on Saturday. We met at B&N to start our assignments for January that we have to have completed before class starts.

    Well let me know when we are going to hang again!
    Mandy =)