Who applied for Uni Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 Block 1?

  1. Hey friends,

    If you applied for Fall18 & Spring19 start, drop a comment on where you applied and your stats so we all could nervously wait for the decisions together.
    For several semesters I've read comments on here and learned a lot from all the posts here. Now it's time to give back, hopefully the prospective applicants can read this thread and be ready when it's their time to apply.

    I turned in my Maricopa & CEP today. Waiting to hear from MCC & ASU.
    21 points per current rubric. 96% Math, 91.33% English on Hesi.
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  3. by   socal212
    Can you tell me when the due date for applications is? Is it June 30? I was wanting so badly to apply this round to start next year but I still have to take my HESI and get everything together.
  4. by   Nurse4TLA
    The last day for this round is May 31st. You can still take the Hesi on Monday and then turn everything in to make it for this round. Good luck!
  5. by   Apple-Core
    Monday is Memorial Day, so the colleges will be closed, unfortunately. However, you could take the HESI on Tuesday, Wed, or Thur and still turn in your application by 5pm on the 31st to meet the deadline. Do you have everything else in place, such as your fingerprint clearance, your transcript, all the grades and credits/classes you need?
  6. by   jlp10
    Hello future nurses!

    I just graduated from Phoenix College (CEP with Franklin Pierce University)!
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  7. by   mojesusw
    what did you think of the program was it difficult which block was the most challenging and do you have any recommendations on teachers? also what program were you nights/weekends/traditional?