UIU CEP (hybrid) questions

  1. I'm thinking that I want to go with the UIU hybrid option for my university CEP choice. Anybody in the hybrid program able to tell me what the meeting days/times are for when class does meet? I know some community college cohort schedules aren't compatible with the hybrid option.

    Also just wondering if it is a pre-req or a co-req to take CIS105 (I believe it is CIS105), computer information systems? If I need to take it at some point I'd like to get it over with at GCC but I'm not sure if I actually need the class or not.
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  3. by   AZBlueBell
    Typically their classes are Tuesday nights 6-9ish. Unless it's a summer class and then they offer afternoon ones too sometimes. I don't think they require CIS105 anymore, you might want to double check the website. Last I heard they had gotten rid of any extra pre-req's.
  4. by   missyt439
    Currently, the additional UIU pre-reqs are CIS 105, a public speaking course (COM 225 or 281), a social science course and an arts/humanities course. I would recommend checking out the CEP website. The requirements are listed in each schools brochure. As for the hybrid course times, they can fluctuate. In the past their were multiple options. One of my friends was able to choose a daytime or evening option for her most recent course (both were offered one day per week for a few hours)