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  1. Hey guys I know we have months before the application due date but I have just recently decided that I am going to apply for UA's MEPN program. I'm currently finishing up microbiology and will finish off my prerequisites once I complete organic chemistry in the fall. I am extremely excited and also nervous to be applying. I still have to take the HESI so if you guys can offer any tips on how to prepare for it especially the vocab section that'd be great! Does anyone know how many apply vs are accepted and the stats of those who are usually accepted into the program? Also I'd greatly appreciate any insight on how the program is from students that have graduated from the program or current students of the program. Thanks!
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  3. by   CBanks05
    Hi there!

    I'm following this thread since I too, am applying in the next couple of months. I would like to know where the applicants stand with GPA's and HESI scores, too. I took the HESI and got a 90 but am hoping to re-take it to try to up my score. I think the test itself is pretty straight forward and easy but it was good to take it once to get an idea of how it is structured. There are also books for the test you can purchase online that are pretty inexpensive. Not sure if they help or not though.
    I'm excited to follow this thread and hope to gain a lot of insight! Thanks for creating it.
  4. by   aqtagaban
    Hey everyone!

    I'm also planning to apply to the UA MEPN program for 2019, specifically aiming for the Phoenix Campus! I went to an info session about the program this Monday and they said that the average prereq and Last 60 units GPA is 3.75, with a range from 3.55 to 4.0. Right now I've calculated my prereq GPA as 3.59 and my last 60 units GPA as 3.75, but this may change since I'm still in school. The last time I took the HESI I got a 92.5% but this was two years ago so I plan on retaking it soon and aiming for at least a 94.5%. I've also browsed the other forums for UA MEPN class of 2018 and here are some statistics of applicants that got in:

    Accepted in Tucson:
    1. Last 60 GPA: 3.77
    Pre-req GPA: 4.0
    HESI: 94.5%

    2. Last 60 GPA: 3.4
    Pre-req GPA: 3.9
    HESI: 95%

    3.Last 60 GPA: 3.77
    Pre-req GPA: 4.0
    HESI: 94.5%

    4. Last 60 GPA: 3.8
    Pre-req GPA: 3.8
    HESI: 94.5%

    Accepted in Phoenix:
    1. Last 60 GPA: 3.7
    Pre-req GPA: 3.6
    HESI: 92%

    2. Last 60 GPA: 3.64
    Pre-req GPA: 3.51
    HESI: ??

    Alternate (I'm not sure if they got accepted in Tucson or Phoenix)
    1. Last 60 GPA: 3.55
    Pre-req: 3.66
    HESI: 94%

    Hope I helped!
  5. by   araew2129
    Hi all! I will be applying as well. I'm taking O Chem right now (along with patho but that is for another program). So far my prereq goa is 4.0, my last 60 sits at 3.8, and I haven't taken the UA hesi but got a 92 on the hesi for the other program. I am going to the application workshop in Nov... anyone else going?
  6. by   elisa0108
    I also plan to attend the application workshop on November 2015. I have not taken the HESI yet but recently took Kaplan. Last 60 credits: 3.528. Pre-requesites: 3.5. Does anyone know if they count failed and retaken pre-requesites from undergrad or do theh only count the one with the higher grade?
  7. by   futureL&DRN
    Hi They only take the highest grade!
  8. by   futureL&DRN
    I'm going!
  9. by   CBanks05
    aqtagaban Wow, thank you for collecting and posting this information! It was definitely insightful.
    I've got to take my HESI again, but I am just curious; does it cost $111? I took it back in April and I don't recall paying that much for it. Did the price go up or is that the correct fee?
  10. by   aqtagaban
    You're welcome!

    So you pay for the HESI online for $40, then you pay another $45 if you're taking it through the UA Testing Center.
  11. by   CaduceusClay
    Hey, I'm moving to Phoenix next year and I am currently cramming all of my last four pre-reqs this semester. I just took the HESI today with an overall score of 91 but I want to take it again to boost my score. My last 60 is going to be at least a 3.7, and my pre-reqs should be at least a 3.6 but more likely another 3.7 (I am fighting for perfect scores in my second Chem class and statistics right now!). If everything keeps goes as planned, I'll be applying for 2019!