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It's never too early to start talking! I'll be applying this fall for the 2017 cohort. Who else is applying? Are there any current or recent alumni that can give their insight on the program? What... Read More

  1. by   maryn12
    also i have a question! if i get to the program, what should i do to get my np?
  2. by   ilovemyyorkie
    Hi maryn12,

    Your overall GPA is required to be a minimum of 3.0, but your overall GPA is actually not a factor in the admissions calculation. The GPA's that matter are your prerequisite course GPA and your last 60 units GPA. The prerequisite GPA makes up 35% of the admissions score, so the 3.8 will help! The last 60 units GPA makes up 20% of the score, and the HESI exam is 25% so it would benefit you to do well on the HESI.
  3. by   Ladybug51
    To be a nurse practitioner after this program, you would have to apply to a DNP program (3 years) or a master's NP program (2 years). Most people who get into these programs have at least 1-2 years of bedside experience working as an RN after graduation.
  4. by   Kells220
    Hi there!

    I was hoping that someone could tell me if my chances are decent of getting into UA's MEPN program with a Pre-req GPA of 3.50, Last 60 GPA of 3.64. I haven't taken the HESI yet, but I think I will do okay. I got a 90.7% on my TEAS exam. Any help would be awesome!!!

    Thank you!
  5. by   sarah2196
    Hi there! Does anyone know how to calculate your GPA's for this program? I received a 94.5 on the HESI and my overall GPA right now is a 3.79 (although I know they don't look at that).
  6. by   araew2129
    2 GPAs matter: the GPA of required prerequisites and also your cumulative GPA for all the semesters counting back to 60 credit hours. So say you took 12 credit hours every semester, you would calculate the GPA for your last 5 semesters. or if you took 9 credits every semester it would be your last 7 semesters.
  7. by   sarah2196
    Hi there! Would you be able to answer some questions for me about MEPN?
  8. by   sarah2196
    Hi there! Would I be able to ask you some questions about the MEPN program? I am an applicant this year.
  9. by   araew2129
    Me? Probably not, I'm working on prereqs to apply to the next cohort in 2019.
  10. by   Ladybug51
    Sure. What are your questions?
  11. by   sarah2196
    How manageable was the transition to the program, especially in the first few summer months?

    What are the strengths and weaknesses that you have found with this program?

    What does a typical M-F week look like for you in it? (Meaning clinical vs. lecture vs. exercise vs. personal life)?

    How supportive are the faculty and the other students?

    Is there any advice you can offer me on interviewing/starting the program/ ensuring success in it?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to help me- I really appreciate feedback from a fellow student!
  12. by   Ladybug51
    In the first month and a half or so, things are super confusing and you will have no idea what is going on. After that, things start making sense and become more predictable.

    I would say that the greatest strength is the usefulness of clinicals. They're exhausting, but they really make didactic information click. Organization isn't always one of the strong suits of this program. They're always saying that flexibility is super important in this program, but I think that if things were a little more organized, we wouldn't have to be so flexible.

    During the first 4 weeks of the semester, we have front-loading where we have class almost everyday, all day, with lecture, lab, stimulations, etc. After front-loading, my typical week is about 7 hours of lecture and two 12 hour clinical days. There's a ton going on and some weeks are worse than others, but I almost always can make a little time for life outside of school.

    Almost all the faculty are pretty great and I can honestly say that the people in my cohort are wonderful. There's no curve, so I think that eliminates most of the competitiveness.

    For interviewing, google common nursing school interview questions to help you prepare. It is a super short interview, but it helps to have some responses for typical questions in mind. For starting the program, try to enjoy the time you have before you start. Once you start, there's not much of a break until December. When you start, do a lot of NCLEX practice questions to understand the style of questions and what the priorities are. Also, don't get caught up in memorizing everything in the book. Focus on the power points.
  13. by   nursinghoping
    For those of you who got in, and are currently in the program - what does the school calendar look like? It looks like 2018 classes would start May 14, but are there any breaks between then and Thanksgiving? I know it follows the standard school calendar but there are different stop dates in August (before everyone starts) depending what summer session you look at. Thanks!