UA MEPN 2016

  1. Hello! Just wanted to see if anyone else is applying to the University of Arizona MEPN program for summer 2016. I just applied a week or so ago and it's going to be a long wait!
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  3. by   Maycation
    I will apply if I don't get in to the post-bacc program at ASU. I thought the deadline was December 1st this year?
  4. by   Crimsonstarr
    It is December 15, I think. I already have all of my stuff done though, so I figured that I might as well apply now.
  5. by   Hhoward92
    Hello! I was wondering if you guys would mind sharing your stats for last 60 gpa and prerequisite GPA. I'm planning on applying for the 2017 cohort and I'd like to know what the applicant pool is like for this year. Thanks!
  6. by   Crimsonstarr
    My pre-req GPA is 3.37 but my overall is 3.85. Not great, but I'm hopeful.
  7. by   Hhoward92
    Thanks so much for replying. When you submitted the application, did it just have you calculate the last 60 units of your gpa? Did it require any letters of recommendation? I'm over a year away from applying, but I'm a neurotic planner.
  8. by   loveoverhate
    I applied as well.. I am a bit confused as the points state that there are letters of references. However, there is none in the actual application link, they provide after that... Wondering if I missed anything? I still need to submit my application to the graduate school, but that should be fairly easily.
  9. by   Hhoward92
    I haven't applied yet, but from my understanding, the letters mentioned in the point system are personal statements, not letters of recommendation.
  10. by   MondanaDeVonne
    Hello! I just applied to this program and am hoping to get in! I have a friend who recently graduated their program and loved it. Goodluck to us all!
  11. by   cyclone67
    I applied a few weeks ago. I would guess we should hear sometime soon about interviews. May is going to come up fast!!
  12. by   efz37
    I applied this weekend. Surprised no resume or letters of rec were needed. Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   Madmex15
    Hi all,

    I'm about to submit my application. I'm getting the last few things together. I was wondering if anyone know how long the Graduate Application is and What types of documents do you need to fill it out?
  14. by   efz37
    From what I remember, the Graduate College app was no big deal- choose the program, fill out personal information, upload unofficial transcripts, and that might be it? Nothing major or substantive at least