Question about Banner Fellows Program

  1. Im sure this is somewhere in the long thread already out there on the Banner Fellows Program, but I wanted a quick, easy answer.

    Im really excited about finally being able to apply next semester (which is my last sem. of prereqs)- Im going to take the NET test & apply in Jan, so Im hoping to apply for the July cohort, but I doubt Ill be able to get into that one, so Im hoping to get into the October one.

    From those of you who are in it, and are experienced in their application process, do you think my expectations are realistic & if not, tell me what you think!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   missrisa77
    What kinds of expectations do you have? Are you just talking about getting into the program? I'm currently in the BNFP. To apply, you have to already have an active application on file with the MCCD program. Then you go to an information session at Gateway. I was surprised though, I thought there might be only 30-50 people, but the whole room was packed and it was standing room only. That is the only place you can get an application. You apply to the BNFP using the application you get from the info session. Then, if Banner wants you, they'll call you for an interview. Then from the interviews, they'll take 30 candidates for each school, and there are only two schools for each session. It's very competetive. You also don't have to be an employee, hence why so many people apply. Good luck to you. You can also google "Banner Nurse Fellows" and go to the website to get information. Hope this helps.
  4. by   DaughteroftheKing
    Ok I already have gone to an info session & know all that basic info-
    My question was are my expectations for the wait time realistic?
    How do I apply to the MCCD nursing programs? Like I said next semester will be my last sem. of prereqs, so in Jan can I just regester for the spring classes, or how does that go?
  5. by   gonna get there
    Here is a link to the MCCD nursing information.

    There is an application that has all the information that you need as far as requirements for application. Check the dates, but there is a provisional time that you can apply once you are in your last prerequisite. They want you to apply at the college of your first choice and you must have all your transcripts to that site. You also have to have fingerprint clearance, net test info, etc. Once you have application into MCCD you can apply for the Banner program, they will call you if they want to interview you and then if they choose you, you will start when their next session starts. Their start dates differ a bit from the MCCD program. They have a March, Julyand October start. When you were at the information session they handed out a pamphlet with exact deadlines to apply for each. I think it is possible for you to be in the July cohort as long as your application is in on time for interviews.

    Good Luck
  6. by   missrisa77
    To apply to the MCCD, go to the college of your first choice (I did mine at GCC) you can pick up an application packet there and also take your NET test in the high tech center. You take the NET, get your fingerprint card, and get all of your transcripts sent to the college. Once they "time stamp" your application, then there is a website you can go to and pick your school choices. the BNFP won't be one of them. After that, then you can apply to BNFP. It's hard to tell for time. There are deadlines to apply to MCCD and BNFP. I have heard the wait time for just the general MCCD is 1-2 years to get in. It might be faster through Banner, but you might not get in for the next available cohort, and like above, they are only 3 times a year. I would expect to wait at least 6 months after applying. I also suggest talking to an advisor at the comm. college, they can give you more details. Good luck.
  7. by   Cursed Irishman
    Keep in mind the statistics and odds of you actually being placed. Someone ran a rough estimate in the main thread and the odds are pretty stacked against someone being selected, unless you work for banner. Everyone I've met in the fellowship is special or unique in some way, whether they already have a bachelor's degree, have had a career in another field such as a school teacher or body donation facilitator, or simply have a wealth of life experience. If you think you can clearly illustrate citing examples to the committee as to why you meet the "banner way", then your time line is probably reasonably accurate.
  8. by   HJS27
    Banner employees are guaranteed an interview. All other requirements still apply.
  9. by   kmn360
    Ok here's my timeline, hope this helps clarify,

    1. applied in March 07 / MCC and BFP
    2. had interview July 07
    3. received acceptance letter AUG 07/ Oct 07 alternate/but in March 08 cohort
    I don't think you can apply until March, there is only a one week window, you may want to get this clarified with an advisor. So really it took a year from the start of the process.

    BTW - I don't work for Banner or in the medical field - YET!

    Good luck!
  10. by   Hollybop
    Does anyone know when we should hear back from them? I interviewed recently for the March/July cohort.
  11. by   Amburgerz12
    I went for an interview for the Mar/July cohort and they told me we should hear back sometime in the middle of November. I think my interview went fairly well and I am driving my self crazy waiting for the letter to come in the mail!!! Let me know when you get your letter, and I'll do the same for you!!
  12. by   gonna get there
    I just got my letter from Banner today !! Yahoo - I'm in the March Gateway cohort. Anyone else at Gateway in March with Banner?

    I hope everyone gets good news.
  13. by   Hollybop
    I got my letter yesterday and didn't get in, unfortunately. I'm trying to be positive, there are other ways to become a nurse.
  14. by   AlishiaRN77
    Quote from gonna get there
    I just got my letter from Banner today !! Yahoo - I'm in the March Gateway cohort. Anyone else at Gateway in March with Banner?

    I hope everyone gets good news.

    Quote from Hollybop
    I got my letter yesterday and didn't get in, unfortunately. I'm trying to be positive, there are other ways to become a nurse.
    Keep trying Hollybop! Just going through with the interview and keeping focus on your goals, you'll get there.