PSY101 at which college? or should I wait?

  1. hi

    please give me an idea about PSY 101

    this coming semester(2008 spring), im taking only BIO201 at Phoenix College. since im working at the restaurant just for lunch hours(MON-FRI 10:30am - 3:00pm), im thinking i should be able to take one more class. if i finish BIO201 and PSY101, I will be able to apply for nursing program because these are the only classes left on my pre-req list.

    but im really nurvous about the PSY class. can anyone give me any clue as to what to expect? I've never taken that kind of class before, so...

    do you take lots of quizzes? or do lots of writing which is my weak point? what are mid-term and Final like?
    is the class time-consuming?

    i prefer either Phonix College, Glendale CC, or Rio Solad.
    if anyone took PSY101 at any of these schools above, please tell me how it went. school starts in 3 weeks, so i really have to make up my mind soon.
    thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   Glina
    Please don't stress about PSY101. I took it 5 years ago at GCC and it was super easy. I did not study at home at all and I got A. I just read the chapter at home and we did everything else in class. It was 3 hour Saturday class and we had a quiz every Saturday with all the notes on the boards. Very interesting class.
  4. by   jamij
    I am currently taking it online through Rio. It's easy. The assignments have been: a journal entry almost every week (easy!), post 2 debates, 1 self improvement essay, and the final will be another essay. Don't be scared at all.
  5. by   Knorremeisje
    Jamij, how easy do you think it is to accelerate this class? I'm starting at Rio on Jan 7th, but in order to be able to apply to BNF for the August cohort, I need to finish about 2-3 weeks earlier. Do you think the assignments allow for acceleration?

  6. by   cardiacRN2006
    PSY 101 is the easiest class you'll take. I took it self paced.
  7. by   jamij
    I don't see why not, it's self paced. I am doing it on schedule because I work full time with 2 kids, and am struggling with Algebra (which is where I spend most of my time study-wise). But it's an easy class and I don't see why you couldn't finish it a few weeks early.
  8. by   litaphoenix
    thank you everybody for useful the info and thoughtful comments.

    well, i decided to take PSY101-online at Phoenix College.
    I wanted to take an evening class, but I got a daughter at home and my husband works evening shift. so if i wanna take that class to lessen my pre-req and co-req list, online class is the only realistic choice.

    then, i will have only BIO 202, and BIO205 which are no longer co-reqs left after this semester, yaye
  9. by   cherlee522
    I took Psy 101 online at Phoenix College and rcvd a A... its just a class that requires some reading and all test are online and you can use your notes. I took it along with Bio 201 also ..
  10. by   litaphoenix
    Hi Charlee

    is that right? that sounds so manegeable to me. thank you.
    good to know! i somehow feel so much better after reading your message.

    how did BIO 201 go? I still have time to change my class to online one, so im curious.
    also, I might wanna take BIO 202 online in FAll 2008.
  11. by   cherlee522
    I cant believe how the have changed everything to co-reqs.. that is soo lucky for some.. But dont ya think that is going to make the waiting list so much longer for everyone?
  12. by   litaphoenix

    im soo glad finally i found someone who is going to PC.

    is that ok if I PM you? I'd like to ask you about instructors there.
  13. by   litaphoenix
    the spring semester has just started last week.

    I ended up dropping PSY101 online.
    Boy! there was so much assignment. I knew, at first sight, there was no way I could do it. essay assignments almost everyweek, besides quizzes(multiple choice). one essay was 8 page minimum. I couldn't even read the whole syllabus without getting disturbed by my daughter every 5 minutes. and I want to focus more on my Bio201 than PSY101, so...

    so I went to talk with the chairparson of the Psychology Department and explained my situation. She recommended one evening class, and she was right, the class seems fun and doable with lots of casual discussion and 'helping buddy system':spin:.
    yeah, there are some essay homework (about 3), but I don't loose so much points because of my grammar mistakes, not like the online class. As long as I understand the concept and instructor understands what I'm trying to say, I should get A, according to the instructor.

    So, if anyone is trying to take PSY101 online at PC, you should go talk to someone in the department and read the syllabus before you register unless studying in front of your pc is all you do everyday.
    With mon-fri job and 6-year-old daughter, I couldn't do it.
  14. by   tobimikal
    I took psych 101 at Rio Salado last semester and it was super easy. By far the easiest class on the prereq list. A great class to take with something like AP or Chemistry because it really doesnt take much time at all.