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  1. Hello, I moved to Phoenix to enroll into a nursing program as soon as I can. Does anyone have any suggestions on schools I can get into a little more quickly. I see some programs at community colleges but it seems like they take a awhile to get into. I would like to hopefully enroll into a private program but I can't seem to find one. Any suggestions?
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    Wait, let me get this straight. You moved to Phoenix to get into a nursing program but you had no idea the CC's had waitlists and you don't know about, and are unable to find any private school programs.

    If that is the case, and you are really hard up. Look up UofP, Carrington, and GCU. They are all for-profit (not too many not-for profits in AZ), but your only option if you refuse to wait. I dont think that for-profits are a great idea, the cost is just too high, but if you want to be in a pile of debt for a job that you may or may not like (or even get)...
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    I knew there were waiting lists before I moved here. I moved here because my mother lives here. I'm a single mother that decided to go back to school and I'm gonna need her help. The schools I contacted didn't give me much info over the phone. I've heard there are grants for single mothers that might help bring down the cost so I'm deciding to go that route. I just posted this for some suggestions. I've been working in different avenues of healthcare for years so I know what being a nurse entails. I know I'll love being a nurse so it'll all be worth it. Thanks for the info though.
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    Dangit! I just posted a reply and then it disappeared lol.

    I just went to one of Everest's info sessions. Yes, it's private, and yes it costs more, but you can be in the workforce in two years. I spoke to prior grads, as well as this year's grads and they all spoke very highly of hte program. (The prior grads I spoke to are already enrolled in an RN to BSN bridge elsewhere, to dispel that rumor.) They have their accreditation intact and are accepting students for October's startup. You can start then, or in January if your pre reqs are done. They are on Peoria, just east of the 17. You may want to check it out and form your own opinion as well....that's what I've done. Feel free to email me. Good luck!!

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    I actually met with them yesterday! It sounded like a good program. I'm still shopping around. I have an appointment today with Brookline. Then later this week with Brown Mackie and Carrington. I just wanna compare pricg and start dates. Thanks for the response though! It would be cool if we ended up classmates
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    good luck! Check out PMI medical institute as well. Let me know what you come up with
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    ilovepeanut06~ Did you have your Brown mackie meeting? how'd it go? I contacted them today and have a info session next wed.
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    Yes, I did! I was really impressed with how they presented their program. I'm still going to meet with Carrington on Friday before I make a final decision, but I think I'm goin to go with Brown Mackie. I like the way they set up the program. You take a class a month and that works really well with me personally. The only fall back is that this upcoming session will be their first RN session so they don't really have a success rate yet. But, that's the only thing I was concerned about. Everything was great and they're also the cheapest so far. I was going to check out the LPN program at Fortis but I've decided not to go for my RN.
  11. by   NICUorbust
    What entrance test do they use to get in?
  12. by   ilovepeanut06
    They use the TEAS V. She said it's completely different from the HESI but I don't know how or which is easier. Have you heard of it?
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    Ya, the TEAS is suppose to harder, more science etc. You should just add me on Facebook if you're on lol. It's easier that way. facebook/kristielynnphotography
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    You may want to try Grand Canyon University. The fast track program is 20 months and $41,250. However, if you have a 3.7GPA or higher in the your prerequsites, you will qualify for a scholarship, bringing the tuition down to $23,750 - Which is comparable (or even lower) to other BSN programs in the area!