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Hello, I moved to Phoenix to enroll into a nursing program as soon as I can. Does anyone have any suggestions on schools I can get into a little more quickly. I see some programs at community... Read More

  1. by   NICUorbust
    Thanks for that AWESOME info Johnny!! I'll definitely check that one out! I'm doing the rest of my pre reqs this semester.
  2. by   ilovepeanut06
    That would be really really great to get into. I don't have any prereqs done though

    I tried looking for you on FB but it pulled up a few kristie lynn photography pages.
  3. by   NICUorbust
    copy and paste the link above It's my personal page.
  4. by   ChuckeRN
    You may also want to check out the Board of Nursing website to see how the different schools did in terms of the NCLEX pass rate. You may care about passing the NCLEX after graduating.

    Here's the report for 2nd quarter 2011. For example, ASU (BSN) has a 95.06% passing for the last class, whereas Carrington (where I graduated from) has a 82.35%.
  5. by   ilovepeanut06
    Thanks for this info. It's helped alot. Is 82 a bad percentage? I decided on Brown Mackie but I'm a little apprehensive cause this upcoming sessioin will be their first RN session. I will be enrolling into the 2nd so they don't have a percentage. What do you think about that?
  6. by   ChuckeRN
    82% is low. However, if you look at the last year or so, I believe Carrington has a higher overall percentage.

    Also, I WOULD NOT choose a nursing program that just started. My reasons are as follows:

    1. The curriculum is untested so it will be 'tweaked' constantly.

    2. The faculty is untested so they will not be teaching at the maximum effiency.

    3. The Program may or may not be accredited by NLN (and one other organization I can't remember off the top of my head). Why is this important? Have you seen job postings for RN jobs that say, "Must be a graduate of a NLN accredited school"? I have.

    4. Most importantly, a new Program may or may not have the best or even any clinical locations for you to go to. Why is this important? The best way for you to land a job is for you to impress the staff while you are still a student.

    So, ask where the school has their clinicals as well as where you will be getting your preceptorships. And get specifics and don't let them BS you into generalities about belonging to the Phoenix "Consortium" of hospitals. Most of the nursing programs in the Valley belong to the "consortium", but that doesn't mean they have the best hospitals or even hospitals at all for you to do your clinicals.
  7. by   ilovepeanut06
    Do you get any breaks during the program? would you suggest Carrington? Have you heard of Brown Mackie?
  8. by   ilovepeanut06
    And, is Carrington NLN accredited?
  9. by   ChuckeRN
    I graduated from Carrington on 3/2011 and at the time, they were in the process of obtaining the NLN accreditation. When Carrington gets the NLN, then I will have graduated from a NLN accredited school due to being there when the process was started.

    Would I recommend Carrington? I'm not sure. I would though recommend looking at Carrington as well as Grand Canyon, and any other private, For Profit established school.
    Quote from ilovepeanut06
    And, is Carrington NLN accredited?
  10. by   ilovepeanut06
    I've been looking at the private schools in Phoenix and none of them seem to be NLN accreddited. I think Carrington is the only accreditation candidate right now. I'm going to check out Carrington tomorrow at an Info session. Thank you so much for all of the advice. I was going to go with Brown Mackie but I might change my mind cause of your advice.
  11. by   ChuckeRN
    I just sent the Nursing secretary an e-mail about the NLN. I'll post if there is an update on the accreditation.
  12. by   NICUorbust
    Just FYI-As far as being regionally accredited goes, if you do your ADN first, and pass the NCLEX-RN, you will be an RN...then bridge into an RN TO BSN program to get your bachelors..the only thing they look at is that you HAVE your RN...not neccessarily the school you got it at. What time is the info session tomorrow at Carrington? Haven't been there yet LOL
  13. by   ilovepeanut06
    It's at noon. I'm so confused about accreditation now. I've been reading that it might be hard to get hired in other states if the school isn't NLN accredited. I plan on returning to California after and some posts talk about BRN accreditation mattering more. Oye!