Phoenix New Grad Positions 2016

  1. Hey Everyone! I recently graduated nursing last month, took the NCLEX and PASSED!! My fingerprints havent gone through AZBN yet so I dont have a license number just yet. I am hoping it will show up soon because thats all that is standing in the way!

    I graduated from Colorado so I have no connections in Phoenix. I applied for 50 new grad jobs this week with Abrazo, MIHS, Banner, HonorHealth, and Dignity Health. Does anyone know how long it takes them to get back to you?

    Also has anyone had any luck getting a new grad position with any of these hospitals? Or if anyone could share their story or any information to help me get hired. I am afraid my lack of a license even though all I am waiting for is fingerprints is going to hurt my chances to get these positions. Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   excited1
    Hi Kk!

    I realize this post is older now, but wanted to check in and see if you were able to secure a new grad position!
  4. by   Kk23
    Hey! I was actually able to get 4 job offers 2-3 weeks after passing NCLEX. I got them at Banner, Diginity, Maricopa , and Honor Health. I chose to go with Banner because they had the best training out of the 4! Honor Health paid the most but My concern wasn't the money as a new grad as much as the training. I also met quite a few people at my orientation at Banner who left Honor Health because it was awful and the people and company weren't nice. Dignity was very unprofessional . They knew I was living 2 hours away at the time and rescheduled my interview 3 times at the last minute when I was pretty much almost there only to have to drive back home. None the less, I was a new grad and would've been willing to take anything that came my way!! I lucked out and was able to pick and choose and be selective between 4 different offers! I have been nothing short of impressed with Banner and in the 7 months I've been working for them, I have been able to obtain countless certifications, classes and over 60 continuing education hours which is more than I can say if I had chosen to work somewhere else. They are always hiring new grads every month so I'd encourage you to apply if you are looking! Let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. by   BrittanyAlyson13
    Hi I'm sorry I know this is an older post, but I recently graduated, took my NCLEX and PASSSED! I am currently applying for jobs including Abrazo, Dignity, HonorHealth, and Banner! Do you have any tips as a new grad and job searching?
  6. by   excited1
    Hi BrittanyAlyson13! Congratulations on graduating nursing school and passing the NCLEX...WELL DONE! Best feeling ever right? I PM'd you....
  7. by   SunseekingRN
    HI all!

    I just moved to the East Valley from Missouri.....

    I am a new grad, passed my boards on June 6th and have been applying everywhere. Any advice on how to proceed? It seems like a lot of the new grad opportunities have been filled, I may have been behind on applying? I have only heard from banner that I was no longer being considered for the East Valley New Grad Experience.

    Everyone back in Missouri had jobs before graduating...........

    Thank you for any help!
  8. by   bex3
    I too am a new grad from AZ. I graduated in May, passed NCLEX in July, and have put in sooo many applications, with no luck so far. I started applying while still in school. Anyone have any tips???
  9. by   mrsboots87
    I already replied to your other post, but you're having just received your license is a major factor in why you haven't been called. I believe dignity and Mayo are the only hospital systems that you can apply for new grad positions before having a valid license. All other hospitals won't even look at your application without a valid license.

    So, even though you have put in numerous application, probably few if any were even considered. AZ is different then many other states in that way.

    Hopefully you have some better luck moving forward.
  10. by   hazel30
    I have worked at Banner for 12 years and the New Grad Experience will accept your application without having a license, you just need a test date.
  11. by   madisonpalmer90
    Hey! Did you ever get a job SunseekingRN? I graduated from another state and am having a hard time!