Nursing salary in AZ

  1. Hello! I just filled out an application for a Banner facility as a registered nurse with 7 years of experience. I was asked what I was expecting to earn per hour. What do mother-baby nurses with 7 years of experience earn on nights in AZ? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Apple-Core
    I do have a friend who has about the same experience (in years) but she works day shift in a prison. I believe she is making about $30/hr. I have another friend who worked nights in home-health (she was the only nurse in the patient's home) and made $60/hr, but that was without any benefits whatsoever. She worked for an agency and was contracted to specific patients.

    I can't give any idea personally because I am a nursing student, so I haven't actually worked as an RN here.

    Cost of living is much lower than CA, that's for sure!
  4. by   laflaca
    I was recently offered a job at Banner with about 4 years of RN experience, but none in the specialty where I was applying - I was offered base pay $33. A friend of mine with about your experience (6-8 years, depending on what they counted) got hired there about 4 months ago for $36 base. They have an 18% differential on top of that for nights, not sure about any weekend diff. Hope this helps!