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Is there anyone out there who has applied to NELRP. I'm having trouble with my hospital giving me a letter certifying they are a Disproportionate share hospital. They know absolutely nothing about... Read More

  1. by   nmt11
    Quote from judyblack
    I have a question about the NELRP? Did anyone apply for it and then get a contract to sign through email, and set up your acct number and have to send it within 24 hours. It says its not garantee, but does everyone do this??
    I got that email too. I'm curious to know if anyone has gotten it in the past. Nothing to do but wait at this point. Good luck!!
  2. by   judyblack
    I hope to get something in the mail soon. I have until Sept 30th. This is crazy, waiting and checking the mail everyday. I hope you get it and I do too. What hospital to work for. I work in a NICU in honolulu. Its a non profit hospital and I owe like 100,000 dollars.
  3. by   judyblack
    I received a contract today. yeah!!!
  4. by   judyblack
    Quote from nmt11
    I got that email too. I'm curious to know if anyone has gotten it in the past. Nothing to do but wait at this point. Good luck!!
    Sorry im very new to this website. I work for a nonprofit hospital in hawaii. I owe like 100.000 dollars. I hope you get a contract. I finally got it in the mail today. I am super shocked. I cant believe it!
  5. by   nmt11
    GOT MINE TOO!!! I owe 120K so I was very happy with the results.
  6. by   soon_2_B_RN
    From the looks of it, there are alot of "no ones" in this particular forum. I'm glad that people really do get these awards. I'll be finishing school in a few months, so I will be looking into the NELRP. Glad that it really happends.
  7. by   Catticus11
    Hey, I know this is an old thread but I have a question about those who were involved with Americorp. I really want to join for this upcoming year, however I want to attend Stony Brook's accelerated program for nursing. My problem is that Americorp ends at the end of July, while Stony Brook's program begins at the start of July. I don't know if its possible to end Americorp a month early by possibly working more hours over the course of my duration there. Does anyone have any experience on how to handle this sort of situation, or would I have just to give up on Stony Brook and apply for a program that starts later? I just had my first Americorp interview and it went really well, and I don't wanna ask because I feel like it would seem rude and reflect poorly on my application.

    I'd really appreciate any response or advice on the subject.

    Best Wishes,