NAU BSN spring 2018

  1. Hi, everyone! I thought I'd start this thread to connect with anyone applying to the NAU BSN program for the spring 2018 semester. I'm only applying to the Tucson program, but feel free to share your campus preferences and any advice, questions, stats, etc. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from fellow applicants! Thanks, guys!
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  3. by   Sabbysabby
    Hi KaydubBSN, I'm also applying to the NAU BSN program but for the flagstaff campus. What stats are you applying with I'm so nervous.
  4. by   rilslay
    Hey guys! I am also applying for spring 2018! I haven't taken the Kaplan yet but I have a 4.0 GPA. When are you guys planning on taking the exam and if you don't mind sharing, what is your GPA?
  5. by   Sabbysabby
    I already took the exam and got a 90 overall with a 3.77 gpa
  6. by   SoyKayDub
    Hi, everyone! I'm applying with a Kaplan score of 95% overall, 95% in science, GPA: 3.87. I already turned my app into ------------------ at the Tucson campus, and she said I'm a strong candidate. Fingers crossed! Is anyone else applying to Tucson?
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  7. by   SoyKayDub
    Hi, Sabbysabby! I'm really nervous too! I have been looking at previous application cycle forums on all nurses, and someone with your exact stats was accepted to the Flagstaff program for the Fall 2017 semester. I hope we don't have to wait too long to find out if we're accepted!
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  8. by   Sabbysabby
    Your Stats are really good! I'm really nervous because when I took my Kaplan I had a computer malfunction and it didn't let me answer some of the questions. I hope I did good enough to get in. I have been reading a lot of the other forums as well trying to figure out if I have a good chance or not. Hopefully we both get in!!!
  9. by   SoyKayDub
    Does anyone know how the prerequisite GPA is calculated? I've been reading forums from previous application cycles, and there is supposedly a .02 weight added to the math/science courses. Also, how does it work if your math statistics course counts twice? I just calculated my GPA in a standard GPA calculator, but it may actually be different from how NAU calculates it.
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  10. by   Sabbysabby
    I believe they are rated with .02 extra but I'm not one hundred percent sure i have just read that on other forums as well so I guess we will just see.
  11. by   rilslay
    Took my Kaplan today! I got a 91 overall! Yay! I hope a 4.0 and a 91 are good enough to get into the Flagstaff program! Now for the waiting game
  12. by   Sabbysabby
    Those are really good! I hope we both get in! The wait is killing me! The deadline hasn't even passed yet!
  13. by   miam0
    Hey guys! Any tips for the science portion of the KAPLAN?
  14. by   SoyKayDub
    Hi miam0, my advice is to focus solely on A&P - it makes up the entire Kaplan science section. Make sure you spend extra time studying the respiratory, neuro, cardio, immune systems because a good chunk of the questions will cover these areas.

    Good Luck!