Maricopa Comm College CEP Fall 2017 Uni/Spring 2018 CC Applicants

  1. HI -

    Sorry if this is a repeat topic, but hoping to "meet" other applicants hoping to start their online university classes in Fall 2017 and CC in-person nursing blocks in Spring 2018.
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  3. by   missyt439
    Tentative...waiting on the waiting list. My CC application was submitted in September of 2016, my CEP application will be submitted in May when my grades are posted.
  4. by   Apple-Core
    I think my CC application and CEP will pretty much go in at the same time because I'm cramming my final 3 pre-reqs into 8 week classes through March/April, then I have to quickly get both my applications in ASAP! I got back my finger-print clearance and I'm planning on taking my first attempt at the HESI next week sometime. What CC and Uni did you/will you be applying for?
  5. by   missyt439
    I am sure you will do great on the HESI!! I hate to admit I went in to the test somewhat blindly. I have been out of school for a number of years and recently decided I need a change. I didn't study and didn't really know what to expect. To me, most of it was common sense stuff, there aren't any trick questions.
    I live in Queen Creek, so most of my choices are on this side. Mesa for 1 and 2. Followed by Scottsdale, Chandler-Gilbert, and Phoenix. My current Uni choices are NAU, UIU, and Franklin Pierce. I haven't taken Chemistry classes, so ASU and Ottawa are out of the question...but debating if it would be wise to take it over the summer to give me more options?
  6. by   desic96
    Hi All,
    I am putting my application in before the end of May 31st as well. Union-Jack what CC's and universities are you applying for? I'm going to take the HESI sometime these coming weeks. I heard that the Math portion asked a lot of metric system questions? Also my main choices would first be Glendale CC, Paradise Valley CC, then Scottsdale since I live between Glendale CC and Paradise Valley CC. My first choices for universities would be ASU, if not Ottawa, then NAU. Do you guys mind me asking what your GPA is?
  7. by   Apple-Core
    Hi desic96 -

    It sounds as if you're on the exact same track as me! I'm applying to Glendale CC (1st choice) then Estrella Mountain (2nd choice). I've chosen Ottawa as the university. I spent quite a while going over all the universities, their costs, the programs they offered etc. I ruled out the two that are not part of the financial aid consortium, because I hope to utilize financial aid. ASU was too expensive for me, so that was out. After researching UIU I decided I didn't care for their program as much (personal decision) and it was more expensive than NAU or Ottawa too, so that went. That left me with Ottawa and NAU. I went with Ottawa because NAU had too many additional pre-reqs (IMO) on top of the Maricopa pre-reqs. Price-wise, I weighed it all up and Ottawa wasn't that much more than NAU if you include the cost of getting all those additional pre-reqs. Plus, I liked Ottawa's program. So far, they have been excellent in terms of communication and so forth so I am happy with my choice.

    I'm also planning to take the HESI in the next few weeks, because that allows enough time to retake it in the event I fail.

    MY GPA at the moment is 3.7, although I have 3 more classes to take (I'm taking them on the accelerated program to get done before the deadline! GULP! Not good planning on my part so my GPA could go up or down dramatically! I've noticed that if you get a good grade it doesn't change too much but if you get a poor grade, it really impacts your GPA< which is annoying! I really can't fall too much below that because I was told that to remain competitive you have to be 3.5 and above (although that is just hearsay....who knows what the standard is?)
  8. by   Apple-Core
    HI missyt439 - that's amazing you went into the HESI blindly and did so well (I saw in a different thread you were in the 90s!)...congrats! I hope I do as well as you!
  9. by   desic96
    Yeah the price for ASU was intimidating as well for me, however my financial situation is a little different so cost wasn't such a major factor for me. I work for Starbucks and Starbucks offers what they call "The College Achievement Plan" and they pay full tuition for any degree online through ASU, so I was hoping to utilize that for my university portion of the CEP, and use financial aid for the Maricopa portion, given that I do get into ASU's CEP. Also, my Dad gave me the Post-911 GI Bill which covers about a year and a half of my tuition and cost of living at any university for any degree, which I was hoping to use in the event that working part time and going to nursing school is too much for me. With NAU, I would have to take 3 additional pre-reqs which I didn't want to do, since I only have one more pre-req for both ASU and Ottawa's program, so I guess whoever will accept me I will take! I have a 3.6 right now with all my current pre-req that I have done. If I get an A in my current class hopefully that will go up a point.

    That's so awesome that Glendale is your first choice as well! I hope we end up in nursing school together at Glendale CC, on the Maricopa Concurrent Nursing page it says that Glendale nursing takes up to 100% of their students for CEP spots, which is awesome because that means that we are more likely to get our first pick! As far as competitiveness I don't think that the CEP is as competitive as advisors make it out to be, I went to a concurrent nursing info session a couple of months ago and they told me that out of all the applicants for the CEP program only about 3-7 of them were unable to be placed and that they eventually starting nursing school the next semester at the CC of choice while on the waiting list. I guess well see though! I looked at a lot of past threads on here and I've seen people with GPA's as low as 3.3 get placed.
  10. by   Jessy1005
    I have the same time stamp and plan as you! Really hoping to start University classes this August 2017. Shooting for Mesa CC and UIU. Good luck to everyone!!
  11. by   Apple-Core
    Good luck Jessy! Has your application gone in already?

    Can anyone explain the random time-stamp that is given to applications? I don't understand that!
  12. by   Apple-Core
    HI desic96 -

    Oh wow - if you have both the Starbucks and the GI Bill, go for whatever university offers the program you like the look of! One thing to mention, I also like the fact that Ottawa has planned their program that you graduate at the same time as the Associates from the CC. I know there was at least one (can't remember which one now) that continued after the CC degree for another semester. I just like the idea of having everything done at the same time rather than having to continue on with online classes even if the nursing blocks are completed.

    I'm looking into scholarships also, because once the online program starts I will try and keep working, but I will quit work once the nursing blocks starts...that is assuming I get a place, of course! If I don't, I guess I'll have to reapply for next year.
  13. by   Kaylynn1
    I believe it is asu that requires you to have another semester after you graduate from cc. I also plan on applying this nursing cycle as well! I hope to see you all there (if I get in)! I am planning on applying for mesa cc as first choice and cgcc as second. I also hope to get into ASU. I have A&P 2 to finish up! So far I have a 4.0 gpa but this could change ! I also have a 94% overall on the hesi :/ I am not sure how competitive the program is now and I am honestly really nervous
  14. by   Kaylynn1
    Actually I ment 84 hesi