Maricopa CEP Fall 2018

  1. Hi,

    I did not see a forum for us that have applied this round of CEP for Fall 2018, so I figured I would start one.

    I applied for GCC weekend and Ottawa with 19 points (I believe).
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  3. by   driver461
    EMCC and ASU 18pts
  4. by   gwccstudent
    GWCC/Ottawa 19 points
  5. by   Sayla
    Phoenix college and ASU.with 19 points.
  6. by   ALE2161543
    GCC and NAU with 20 points, so nervous and hoping for good news soon!
  7. by   ALE2161543
    I feel like it is getting so competitive now That you have to be getting almost perfect scores and gpa to get in . A lot of people I am seeing have 22-25 which makes me nervous :/ anyone else as stressed as me?
  8. by   gwccstudent
    Absolutely. It's way more competitive than the past few years, for sure. Most people I've seen have been in the 18-20 range with maybe 1 or 2 with 21 or 22. That's just on Facebook though. I'm sure there are many others out there. It's exciting to know the application period closes this week!! Then the real waiting begins!!
  9. by   ALE2161543
    do you have the facebook page where people are posting? I tried looking and couldn't find it!
  10. by   ALE2161543
    Also, do you know when we are supposed to hear back if we made it or not?
  11. by   Sayla
    Quote from ALE2161543
    Also, do you know when we are supposed to hear back if we made it or not?
    Hi ALE2161543,
    I think the maricopa cc will let us know by the last week of February. I was following Fall/2017 cohort, and they heard from cc by 22nd February. Since MCC, GCC, and EMCC has only CEP, they will publish the result first. On the other hand, the CCs which have both traditional and CEP will take few more days to publish their results.
  12. by   Apple-Core
    Quote from ALE2161543
    Also, do you know when we are supposed to hear back if we made it or not?
    I heard back about 3 weeks after the deadline for application. They send out an email - so keep checking your Maricopa email in-box. The acceptance emails appeared to go out first, and were followed by denial emails about a week later.

    Each school sent out there emails at about the same time, but there were time-lags of a few days. For example, one college sent out their emails on Monday and another sent theirs on Wednesday. Generally, though, the acceptance emails went out within a 5 day period.
  13. by   gwccstudent
    Sure, hope this works: Log into Facebook | Facebook

    The name is Maricopa Nursing Program- USA
  14. by   ALE2161543
    Thanks for letting me know. I am so nervous and just want to hear back already! I feel like I am riding in the middle of the group so its just nerve racking. Do you know how many spots are reserved for transfer students for each school??