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  1. Hello Arizona peeps! I am looking in to moving to the Scottsdale area in the next year, when I said next year, I mean 14 months from now. How is the job market in Scottsdale for an LPN? Right now, I have no experience but am hoping to land a job in my state in the next couple of months so I can always put 1 year experience in my Arizona nursing resume. I currently work for a chain restaurant (olive garden) and know that if I maintain my job there I can always transfer to the scottsdale olive garden while job hunting. My biggest fear is moving there and get stuck as a waitress for months because of not being able to find a nursing jobs. Your thoughts please? I am also starting excelsior in Febraury for my RN, hoping to have that done by this time next year but am mostly counting on my LPN license to get me through for the next 14 months.. Please let me know what area in Az hold the most nursing jobs, also looking to live in a "safe" area for AZ. Thanks!!!!
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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    With experience there are positions available. But they are limited. New grad RNs are being hired in alot of places where LPNs used to be utilized at the LTC and SNF facilities. There are quite a few places in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas to check out. LPNs are not being used in the hospitals around here.
  4. by   MassagetoRN
    I'm an Az native and I hear that people want to move here and live in Scottsdale.... There are unsafe areas of Scottsdale just like the rest of the Phoenix metro area. Scottsdale is very expensive to live in compared to the rest of the valley. With this depressed economy, Az was hit very hard and is recovering slower than the rest of the nation. Considering the abundance of new grad rn's, the high unemployment rate among all nurses here, and the lack of lpn utilization, I would reevaluate your future plans. Finish your rn and get atleast one year of experience before thinking about a move. Blessings to you!
  5. by   Zadia
    Thank you MassagetoRN...Scottsdale was more of an idea bc I have a friend that lives there...I've been doing some research and think that Gilbert might be the right town for us. We are planning a visit in the next couple of months to get a feel for some of those towns...ex: Gilbert, Glendale, Tempe, Tucson. It would be nice to work in a hospital but right now that's not my short term goal, seeing it is near impossible with an LPN degree! I figure with one year of experience as an Lpn, I shouldn't have too much of an issue landing a job in a LtC facility, a prison, or a doctors office somewhere. I know I won't be able to land a nursing job right away that's why plan a is to transfer to an olive garden in one of those towns that we decide to move to. my husband is an electrician with 7 years of experience, the job outlook for him in Arizona seems pretty good! I would love to get experience as an RN before moving but that won't happen. I won't be done w it until next year and I don't want to be here in my town any longer then I have to. We are sticking around long enough for me to get one year of LPN experience and selling our house then we want to be out West somewhere to start our life ( i hate the cold here in the midwest!! ) and maybe a family of our own soon. thanks so much for your opinions. Which town do you live at MassagetoRN?
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  6. by   MassagetoRN
    It sounds like you've got your plan set! Gilbert is also a pricey area.... Glendale is a good choice, lots of LTC facilities and close to Sun City, some high end areas and some safe but affordable areas too. Tempe can be expensive due to ASU being there.
    Prisions do use LPNs, but as an earlier poster said, there's an abunance of new grad RNs who are unemployed (Maricopa county produces more new grad RNs than any other area in the nation) that are working in rehabs, LTC, home health, and prisions where LPNs would have traditionally worked. Medical Assistants abound here (no licensure needed) so Dr offices utilize those. LPNs really aren't used in Acute Care anymore, and there's only 2 LPN educational programs in the valley due to the lack of their utilization. Getting a year as an RN would serve you better. Is it a BSN? Most hospitals require a BSN for new grads (just because they can) despite any previous healthcare experience.
    Hopefully your husband can line up a job here before moving. Our housing market is still pretty bad, so construction and housing related professions are also really hurting.
    I'm not trying to pee in your cornflakes, just trying to set a realistic expectation.
  7. by   AZMOMO2
    I'm an Arizona native too, of course I have lived other places other than Az in my life as well. I live in one of those towns you mentioned and I love it! The trick about finding a nice area here, with affordable prices, is to google earth the street level properties you find online. You can tell a lot about what its like based on the backyards of these places.

    As for jobs... well at the very least MGA hires a lot. Its a nursing job, usually not the highest pay, but since you have an alternate place to work, you can supplement until you can get something better.

    Will you be coming from a compact state? If so they hire new grads too. Its Pedi Homecare and it can be sketchy at times.
  8. by   MassagetoRN
    MGA is very sketchy and I tried to get on with them as a new grad (2 years ago) and they gave me the run around for 6 months and they never gave me a day's work.That's a great tip about Google earth!
  9. by   Zadia
    Great tip! I'm from Ohio so I won't have a compact license, I'll just be getting it transferred to Arizona when it's time to move....maybe I'll try to get with MGA now, then by the time I move they'll actually have their stuff figured out? Lol.
  10. by   Zadia
    Quote from Zadia
    Great tip! I'm from Ohio so I won't have a compact license, I'll just be getting it transferred to Arizona when it's time to move....maybe I'll try to get with MGA now, then by the time I move they'll actually have their stuff figured out? Lol.
    Thank you though! I'm definitely going to look into them...a job is a job while looking for a better one
  11. by   UnicornRN
    Does MGA hire new grads?
  12. by   AZMOMO2
    Quote from AZ911Nurse2B
    Does MGA hire new grads?

    Yes they do.
  13. by   frodo-dog
    Yes MGA does hire new grads, but.... I have not heard one good thing about them. Word on the street include a lot of really bad things, like how they (the company, not the clients) go after your license if you make them look bad, how they black list you if you hurt yourself or call in sick, how they dont return phone calls..... It goes on and on. The jobs are often just caregiver positions, no training, so you dont increase your skills. Pay for LPN... $20-22/hour no benefits. There are a lot of "honorable" agencies in Phoenix that take new grads, check them out.
  14. by   AZMOMO2
    Actually i think the pay for LPNs might be lower than that because an RN I know that works there makes $22-24 something like that.