Life care center of north glendale

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any info on Life care center of North glendale or any of the life care centers. Thanks.
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    Quote from monee8870
    I was wondering if anyone had any info on Life care center of North glendale or any of the life care centers. Thanks.
    Well, I only have info because my Mom was in there a few times. They had a complete turn over of RNs once when my Mom was in there because they quit paying RNs overtime. They said they were "salaried" all off a sudden.

    I was not really impressed with the care there, but I am not really impressed by any LTC or "rehab center" as they like to call them in AZ. They are certainly much worse places, and just a few that are better.

    If you can be more specific, I will try to answer your questions.
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    I worked there for one month as a CNA about 3 years ago. The time line can tell you. It was my first CNA job, hated it. They had a rotating schedule and because I was in school I had to take nights. And they didn't tell me that until after I accepted the position. I then decided to switch to part time since I didn't think I could handle nights and going to school. The DON was very rude and nasty and said that they didn't have part time available and I would be put on PRN. It didn't make sense that they were needing people to work and yet turned me down for a part time schedule. So I did the paper work to switch to PRN. Shortly after that they called me and were saying "where are you?". They thought I had no-showed. My paperwork was "lost" in the shuffle and they didn't bother changing my schedule. I didn't know that. By 7 in the morning I had the DON, the ADON and the secretary all calling me saying that if I wanted to switch to PRN I needed to talk to them first and I couldn't just "not show up"! Since I already had talked to them and had the paperwork for proof I was reprimanded for no reason. I quit very shortly after that. That was my last experience in a nursing home. Oh, and on nights we had one CNA for each hall (3). I think I had about 25 patients. I am a good worker but the situation was set up bad and their false impressions of me made for a bad experience.
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    I had a week of training there during my CNA orientation. I (and my classmates) found many things we observed there worrisome.
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    Every LTC facility gets paid the same as every other LTC facility by Medicare.
    Just looking at the condition of the facilities and its employees should tell you a LOT.