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Hi! I am finishing my last pre-req right now and will be able to submit my application for the December application period! I only want to go days and wanted to only have MCC days as my choice. I... Read More

  1. by   amynye
    I applied with a time stamp of July 11, 2016. The absolute soonest I would start CEP or ADN is Fall 2017, unless multiple people turn down their choices is what I was told by the hotline people and my advisor. I applied to MCC both CEP and ADN.

    (it only takes one choice to say you'll accept placement in either CEP or ADN per the Maricopa nursing folks)

    The CEP program is the same wait - because even more people are applying to it, so that compensates for the slightly more spots. I told my advisor that frankly I didn't care which program I applied to - or which campus that I just want to start ASAP and asked her where to go. She said that among the centrally located campuses (SCC, PVCC, MCC and GWCC) it didn't matter.
    The only class I can still take is pathology... I'll be done with all the other co-req's and CEP classes for ASU/NAU at that point...
  2. by   MissMelissa14
    I would recommend putting down more than 1 school when applying because you don't always get your first choice and they look at the other schools you have selected. Also ASU has changed their requirements for the CEP program so I recommend you look on the Maricopa Nursing website for their updated brochure. They actually do not require HCR240 anymore!