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Hi, everyone I was accepted into the Concurrent Program at GCC in the fall but starts this summer with the NAU class. I was wanting to know if there was anyone else on here who got accepted? :)... Read More

  1. by   freckles 98
    At this point, are there any people with 3.0 or close GPA's getting into the CEP program? I'm hearing the lowest GPA's that get in are around a 3.5. I am applying in February to start in the summer of 2013 and want to see what the competition is. Thanks!
  2. by   dtoast861
    I think it all depends on how many people apply to each program at one time. My understanding is that they rank order the applicants by GPA and HESI scores, then go down the list and place people from highest to lowest preference. So if there are fewer applicants during a cycle for a particular program, then you might have a higher chance of getting in. That being said, I don't think 3.0 is extremely competitive, so if you are set on getting into the program and don't get in this cycle, think about retaking a class or two - NAU lets you calculate the retake into your GPA while ASU does not.
  3. by   wildling
    Hi freckles! If I applied to the CEP program right now I would have a 3.17. I plan on taking one, maybe two courses that would knock my gpa up to 3.5/3.6 ish if I do not get in. I saw some people posting that they had lower gpas (around 3.10) and still got into the program. So there's always chance!
  4. by   mrsboots87
    Is that your pre req GPA over cumulative. The only GPA that counts towards the application are the pre req classes.
  5. by   wildling
    No its the gpa towards the prereqs. Though I actually misspoke, I have current gpa of 3.2. I have seen people get into the CEP program with less, although at the cep information meeting, they said they see an avg of 3.5.
  6. by   Jemeshaw
    Hi Everyone,

    I have a question I will be completed with all my prereqs for the maricopa nursing program at the end of this summer semester. I am interested in hopefully participating in the ASU concurrent program, but wanted to know if I can apply for the nursing program at mesa community college, and while I am waiting to be accepted finish the prereqs needed for the ASU concurrent program like BIO 202 & 205, MAT 142. Please advise whats the best route to take. thanks
  7. by   fitzfam2009
    Are you on the waitlist?
  8. by   Jemeshaw
    I am not I have to complete bio 201 this summer before I can apply to mcc nursing program
  9. by   fitzfam2009
    You can apply and get put on the wait list and while you are waiting you can still finish up the classes to apply for the CEP. You will be waiting for quite awhile so you will have plenty if time to finish the other prereqs. That is what I did and I got into the NAU CEP program.
  10. by   Jemeshaw
  11. by   donovasu
    Hi Jemeshaw,

    You have to complete your nursing prereqs just for Maricopa nursing and get on the wait list before you can even apply to get into the concurrent enrollment with ASU. Once you are on the wait list for the maricopa program, you will get the information about an "information session" for the CEP and after attending that, you will be able to attend an "application session" for the CEP. Don't just think about ASU though, NAU also has a great program with fewer prereqs and the cost is a bit less. Good luck to you!
  12. by   Jemeshaw
    Hi donovasu,

    Thank you for the advice, I seen a few comments on here about the cost of nau being more affordable and since I'm paying out of pocket for school that's a option I'm going to look into thanks again
  13. by   cami9273
    I think it's so funny to see the different comments here that apply to the GPA. I just recently went to the information session and someone raised their hand and said "I heard that they don't accept anyone under a 3.5, is that true?" The lady just shook her head in response and said "I see you've been reading things on all nurses!!" I for one keep coming back to read, but when it comes to applying I've always gone to my advisor. Things change.....a lot. Info from the beginning of this post can be completely different now. It is a competetive program, my guess is if the only have 30 seats to fill, then the highest 30 are going to get in. If someone declines or doesn't respond in time then they continue down the list! Good luck to all that are applying. I'm applying at GCC on May 20th.