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  1. by   miteacher
    How does the financial aid work? I have a bachelors degree, and they did approve me for financial aid after I filed an appeal. I am afraid though that the fin aid payment won't be processed on time, and I don't want to get dropped. I think it might be best for me to just pay myself, and then see if they reimburse me.
  2. by   pinaytoh
    All I know is that once I see the FinAid info on my account: If you try to arrange payment- it will give you a message that your financial aid exceed the amount I never have to pay my tuition in the past whenever there is FA...I know how you feel, they are really good in dropping student for non payment. I am only comfortable not paying my tuition, because of scholarship from work that is already processed at GW, so if there is no FA, they can bill my work.) Call FA early in the took me 30 mins to call them!!!!!

    There is also a book advance (in place of the book voucher) that will be automatically deposited in your citi account one week before the class starts. (I called FA and confirmed).
  3. by   miteacher
    So what did you do after you applie for financial aid? I filled out everything, accepted my award, and filled out my promisary note online. I will have to call financial aid today. I have enough to cover books and tuition, but am wondering how to set up the disbursement for the books. I know there is a card or something that you can use to pay for that.
  4. by   pinaytoh
    there is an option to opt in/opt out for book advance, it's on the front page of student account...
  5. by   miteacher
    Quote from pinaytoh
    there is an option to opt in/opt out for book advance, it's on the front page of student account...
    Thank you! I will go ahead and check it out. I'm just worried because I don't want to get dropped.
  6. by   TinkRN8
    Just FYI, before you spend money on a recorder, check with faculty to see if they are allowed. There was an incident during my last semester where a student recorded one of the test reviews and put it on the internet. We were then no longer even allowed to record lectures. Friends in the next cohort were also not able to use recorders at all.

    Also, the book box is expensive, but totally worth it because you get a code to download all the books onto your computer. I did not buy the book box and bought everything separately. I saved about $100, but it would have been worth it to buy the book box for the ability to download everything to my laptop. Easier carrying around a laptop than all those books!

    Good luck to all who are starting this Fall. I graduated May 2009 and just graduated with my RN.
  7. by   miteacher
    I had a question for someone who has attended the FTPN program. I know we are checking off CNA skills the first day. How does that work? Do they make each person do all 20 skills in one day? That seems a little crazy to me because we have 40 people, and I know that the perineal care alone is over 40 steps long. Some of the skills have changed since I took my test.

    Has anyone been able to use a recorder in recent cohorts? I know that would really help me out and then I could sit and listen rather then rushing to write & take notes.
  8. by   Marlene39
    1. You won't necessarily be checked off on your CNA skills, you will just split into groups and demonstrate whatever skills you are assigned. No worries on this as it is not part of your grade and is pretty basic. She will put CNA skills on the tests, so make sure you are up on them (especially ROM). The 5 point tests are ridiculous and don't rely only on what she says will be on them either. Everything you've learned before that test is fair game even if it's from before the previous test. Also, if you don't do well on the initial tests remember that it is such a small portion of your grade and not a good indication of how you'll do later in the semester once you get past labs and that one particular teacher. Just go with the flow and don't get wrapped up in the "stress" that she puts on you. It's a lot of information in one month, but it's impossible to remember everything covered for a 5 point test.

    2. You will not be able to record that first teacher (KP), but after that you can record anything you want to. I got a Smart Pen and it was a total lifesaver! Check it out on

    Good luck and feel free to PM me if you have any further questions or concerns...
  9. by   pinaytoh
    there will be a test on those CNA skills? I thought she just want us to go over it to refresh our memory about those skills....

    are you in PM class?
  10. by   Marlene39
    Quote from pinaytoh
    there will be a test on those CNA skills? I thought she just want us to go over it to refresh our memory about those skills....

    are you in PM class?
    Yes, KP does test you on CNA skills, but not all of them and they are spread throughout all the tests she gives. So, if it's been awhile since you went to CNA school, you might brush up. There is no way to know what to study because she has 5 point tests on 12 hours or more of lecture. She also picks the most obscure things to pick out of the CNA skills to test on, so it's almost impossible to know them all. Just do your best and don't get wrapped up in killing yourself studying the first month and then feeling like a failure because the most you got on a test is a 2.25 out ot 5. This was a real problem for my cohort last year. Everyone put too much emphasis on that first month and those ridiculous 5 point tests. Look back at my previous post for info on what to expect and what to study. I won't give you specifics because you really do need to study everything for your personal growth, but I do give you areas to focus on.

    I did the PM class in the Fall of 2010. It was truly awesome and you will love it! Just get past the first month and you will see what I mean. Get enough rest, don't stress and try to enjoy what you're learning. Oh, and remember that only the test scores count towards your grade (nothing from group projects or skills that you perform in lab). Lab is kind of a pass or fail and not one of the students last year failed because of lab skills. You will get more practical experience once you start your clinicals.

    You do have to pass your math test with 100% to pass, but they will give you lots of chances. Just remember this formula:

    Physician's order, divided by what you have on hand, multiplied by the vehicle (1 tablet, 5 ml, etc). Here is the equation:

    order X Vehicle (tablets, mLs, etc) = how much to give

    I'm always available by PM if you need any help. I am starting block 3 next week so I will probably be super busy after that. I want everyone to succeed and become the best nurses they can be so don't hesitate to ask for help!
  11. by   pinaytoh
    thank so much, and good luck in Block 3...
  12. by   miteacher
    Quote from pinaytoh
    there will be a test on those CNA skills? I thought she just want us to go over it to refresh our memory about those skills....

    are you in PM class?
    I am in the PM class. I just remember reading in the email to brush up on the skills. Some of the skills have changed since I took the course last summer, and I am a teacher so I don't use the skills ever. Also, they added a new skill and took out the handwashing skill. I've been studying, but it's hard to practice at home. When I took the course, they did not have the isolation gown as a skill, and handwashing was a skill that we had to do and we did not use santizier.
  13. by   miteacher
    So during the first month, is it basically the 5pt tests that we're going to be doing based on CNA skills? By obscure, what do you mean, do you remember an example of something obscure?