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Verah interesting........ Looks to me like it's a separate application process. Don't know what the wait list is like for it, but for those of you on the waitlist for the RN program, it might... Read More

  1. by   azcna
    Most nursing homes have high turn-around, so they are constantly hiring. Some people from my CNA class said "I never want to work in a nursing home", but it is great experience. And you really do make peoples lives better
  2. by   rzyzzy
    Quote from miteacher
    I was planning on trying to relocate to another state after I finish nursing school because it seems there are not any kind of jobs available. I will look into nursing homes...that's where I did my hours for my CNA course. I know that there are some nursing homes that hire.

    At least I can get my last science class out of the way while I'm waiting.
    I wouldn't worry too much about getting a cna job if you've already got a teaching job - block 1 is all nursing home/snf, anyway, and the skills tested in both blocks are pretty basic - passing meds, changing a dressing, inserting a foley, giving insulin injections - those aren't skills you can practice as a cna, and when you do go to get a nursing job, cna experience doesn't matter for lpn jobs, lpn experience doesn't matter for rn jobs, etc.

    As far as leaving the state, I'd just say wait and see, because a lot can happen in two years - there wasn't a waiting list for the lpn program or advanced placement two years ago. Even in this economy, 80% of last years RN grads were able to find a job within 6 months - the glass is a little more than half-full!
  3. by   miteacher
    I guess I should try to remain positive and see what happens when I finish. I would actually prefer to move somewhere colder though
  4. by   steven h
    Has anyone been notified that they have been accepted to the Spring Jan 2011 fast track program? Notifications were being mailed out this week
  5. by   inspiredRN10
    If you applied this November notifications are going out next week, starting the 22nd. If you applied prior to that application period than notifications were supposedly going out this week. I haven't heard of anyone receiving anything yet. Makes you wonder how many people were on their "wait list"
  6. by   miteacher
    That's weird. I thought that the people who were waiting from last time would have received notification already. I applied for January, and I know that were supposed to start receiving notification next week....I would have thought that the people who were starting this time would have been notified by this point.
  7. by   inspiredRN10
    Oh wait. I just checked my email. It was in the "junk mail" section. I am on the wait list. Sad!
  8. by   steven h
    Nope not yet. I am already on the list and I haven't heard anything, but fron look at older post, some people did get notified of Friday or Saturday. So we shall see I guess.
  9. by   miteacher
    I just received an e-mail stating that I am on the wait list, and that I was NOT admitted for the program for Spring. So, they have notified the people who are not getting in. Maybe if you didnt receive the rejection e-mail, you still have a chance!
  10. by   steven h
    Just got the same one miteacher. Oh well, they say patience is rewarded. We will see. It did state that I am in the top 15 on the list though. Thats more info than they usually give.
  11. by   miteacher
    Steven h, how long have you been waiting?
  12. by   azcna
    Yikes! I didn't think that people waited for more than a semester. I'll be looking at other programs that I can get into quicker!
  13. by   steven h
    Honestlu, there aren't any. This is the best local program. Its the cheapest program and its the most flexible far as schedules are concerned for working people, since they offer a day and evening program. I have checked them all out. Maricopa skills center has one that about 8000 for like 14 months or so. EVITS finds out monday if they can resume their program. The meet with the nursing board. Check those two out, maybe they will work for u. Skill center takes apps again in april, but that's also when gateway makes the next set of notification for the nest session. Or there's always 50grand for private school. I just can't do it knowing I can get the same RN degree for 8000.00.