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Verah interesting........ Looks to me like it's a separate application process. Don't know what the wait list is like for it, but for those of you on the waitlist for the RN program, it might... Read More

  1. by   miteacher
    Where did everyone take their CNA? I'm not worried about the cost, just that I get it done quickly and it's accredited so I can take the CNA test and apply to the fast track program. The only thing is I'm wondering about the testing dates and the amount of time it actually takes to get the CNA license and whether that's longer than waiting to take the course in the summer through the community colleges.
  2. by   AZMOMO2
    If you take it through gateway you don't have to actually take the state boards
  3. by   miteacher
    Someone posted they did it in 3 weeks full time for $600. Where did you take it for that price?
  4. by   pinklady8888
    I just passed my cna state boards at star canyon on central and costs 80 for skill and like 20 i think for the written, its deff not as hard as i thought, but i also got easy skills. u have to know hand washing and then u get 4 random skills from the list. all i can say is memorize the list.

    i want to get a cna or pct job but im waiting for my dam cna card for stae boards. pissin me off lol.

    i have a few questions however..
    what is the new nursing extrance exam like? is it harder than the NETS? and is there a book for it yet?
    and also is there any news for the Aug 2010 lpn program at gateway? any wait list? im goin to pvcc now and im seeing my advisor today about my steps to transfer in get in..i know the dealine is april 6 for everything turned in..god so much stuff to do! im hoping to get in so i can get in the advanced placement for RN!
  5. by   miteacher
    Don't you have to attend an approved training for CNA for a certain number of hours to actually be elgible to take the test? How can you get the license without doing any training? Please give me some details, as I definitely would like to try this route. Where did you get the list and the study info? Can you give me the phone number to the place? Thanks!
  6. by   pinklady8888
    I had have training at pvcc 120 hrs, took me 3 months. they gave me a packet on how to apply for state boards n ****, which included where u can go for the skills test. they dont have a num you have to go to if you have any questions regarding the test.
  7. by   pinklady8888
    does anyone know how long it takes for the cna license to come in the mail? they said they recieved it on 3/8/10 and it says im pending. its driving me nuts! im not a criminal i talked to some ppl i know who are cnas and it didnt take them that long!
  8. by   micajoieLAc
    Pinklady, sorry to say it took me a LLOOOOOOOooooooooooong time to get my CNA certificate from the BON, 4 months. I had to repeat my fingerprints 3 times which caused some of the delay then they stated they still couldn't be read so I had to have a more extensive background check. Since I've lived in several states it must have taken a while to get all the info returned.
    My suggestion is to regularly check on their site, do a license search on yourself and print the page once you get a certificate number. Hope your wait is shorter than mine.
  9. by   pinklady8888
    yeah, ive been checking up on it, i just dont see why its taking so long, i had to re do it once cuz my bf bended the card and put it in a regular envelope before waiting for them to give me the card. ha so i did the fingerprints a second time and it took them like 2 weeks to get it now im still waiting. its dumb that they go against the goverment with background checks, that they prefer to do it themselves. they are wasting so much money! lol.

    and im trying to get in the lpn program, im all ready i just need to take the hesi before april 7*when the apps are due* and i got the review for it i just havent had time to fully study. =/.
  10. by   micajoieLAc
    Good Luck studying. Just so you know, you don't actually have to have your certificate from AZBON to apply for the LPN program. Gateway only requires that you passed the CNA exam, the passing score paperwork is all you need to apply.
  11. by   AZMOMO2
    Yes they will go onto the board site and look you up to see if you passed. You have to have the adviser sign off on your application before you can turn it in. Did you know that? Getting into Nursing advising can be a few hour project too.
  12. by   pinklady8888
    yea im aware of that im more concerned about the hesi, thats the only thing i need to do before im done with the app for gateway.

    do you know if theres a wait this sem?
  13. by   AZMOMO2
    As far as I know there is a 1 semester wait.. but things change so it doesn't hurt to try. I was told it was impossible to get a placement, that they all went to their partner programs and the year I applied everyone I was in line with that had everything got in. Good luck... its a great program!

    This HESI isn't as tough as you think. You'll do fine!