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Is anyone starting the Banner Fellows Program in March 08 at Gateway? I'm so excited about starting and hoping to communicate with some classmates. Also - anyone out there currently in the... Read More

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    Hey .. the questions I remember them asking were like Interview questions and the best approach I find to answering these types of questions is called the star format..


    When they ask you a question like Tell me about a time in your life when you went above and beyond your job description and why did you do it

    Think of a certain situation
    Think of the task involved in doing that
    what the action was
    and the results of those actions

    That is called STAR..
    So every question they asked me I thought about a "story" I could tell

    It helped me alot to think of the questions and prepare some stories and answers for any kind of question If you need some sample questions just email me and let me know I can send you some. I have lots to practice on and you can prepare yourself better for the next interview

    These work for any kind of interview.... they help you prepare yourself on how to answer questions

    Remember for each question ... Think of a Situation Task Action Result (STAR)
    Situation- (Describe the situation)
    Task - what was involved in it
    Action- what did you do
    Result - and what was the final outcome

    Know your strengths and find a weakness ( you can look on the internet if need be to find some good ones try to find ones that still make you look good and show positiveness)

    -Tell me about yourself

    -What were you most/satisfied in your work and why?

    -Describe a situation where you had to deal with a difficult person, What happened? how did you handle the situation

    -We all face problems at work that are difficult to solve. Tell me about a problem that you did not solbe on the first try. What did you do?

    -What specific problem has someone brought to you recently? How did you handle it?

    -Tell me about a time when you included a co-worker in solving a problem issue/situation. How did you approach your co-worker?

    -Tell me about a time you had to work at a fast or stressful pace for a long period of time due to increased work load. How did you maintain your quality of work>

    - Give me an example of when you were recognized for your attendance/punctuality performance? what was the situation?

    - Tell me about a time you took the initiative to learn something new to make you a better employee? What was the situation?

    - Describe a time you were able to learn something complex in a short period of time and how you then applied that information to your job?

    -What is one of the most complex issues or situations you had to explain to other people?

    - Describe a time you had to ask questions and listen carefully to clarify the exact nature of a customers problem?