Eastern Arizona College

  1. Dont forget about EAC in Thatcher AZ!!! (East of Globe on Highway 70). I was on a wait list in Phoenix, called EA in November and started in January (finish this December)!! I pay like 750/ semester with tuition AND fees!!!

    Just a reminder!!
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  3. by   Knit1Purl2
    Quote from crnaspire
    dont forget about eac in thatcher az!!! (east of globe on highway 70). i was on a wait list in phoenix, called ea in november and started in january (finish this december)!! i pay like 750/ semester with tuition and fees!!!

    just a reminder!!

    am i understanding you correctly when you say that you started nursing school in jan 2008 and you are graduating in december 2008? did you go in as a lpn? are you commuting or are you living up there? can you give anymore particulars on the program, schedule, clinicals?

    thank you for the information and congrats.
  4. by   CRNAspire
    I am sorry, I did start in Jan 2007. They hav summers off, unfortunately. They start in the Fall as well. I moved to Thatcher to attend school. Commuting would be tough, Except second through Fourth semesters most clinicals are in the Phoenix Area. Also most core science classes like the A&Ps, micro and Pharmacology are COrequisits. no need to spend a TON of time taking classes before you start, like i did. Tuition is LOW like 750 per semester. There are alot of advantages to this nursing school. I moved her with my family, and we like small towns, so that was not an issue for us!!!!

    Any other questions?
  5. by   RUganizaLVN
    I am looking into attending EAC for my RN. I am currently an LVN and was wondering if you know if they have a LPN to RN program? How is the prgram going for you?
  6. by   CRNAspire
    as far as i know they do have a LPN/LVN entry point.

    school is going fine, i graduate in December!
  7. by   RUganizaLVN
    Well thats great congratulations!! So clinicals are in phoenix? Isnt that like 3 hours away?
  8. by   CRNAspire
    i had to travel for the last three semesters for clinicals to the Phoenix Metro area. We rotated through MAricopa Medical Center, and Chandler Regional.

    That was tough but it is doable. the hospital here is too small to get really good clinical sites.

    It takes about two and a half hours.

    Also we did about two to three days in a row to save some driving....
  9. by   RUganizaLVN
    So you had carpools and you guys would just stay in phoenix? well that's not too bad. and that was 2-3 days a week?

    I received some info and I have to take a test and get an 850 or higher, I guess its to make sure I know enough as an lvn to enter into the program.

    We won't be moving to Thatcher until next fall so I still have some time. I am just anxious to finish my RN already! =) You will bee getting ready to graduate by the time I get started, I might have to pick your brain! haha
  10. by   CRNAspire
    yeah, two or three days. the two days a wek are nice because it is only two days, the three days a week are nice because you get all you clinicals done in like 4-5 weeks!!

    it was nice this semester, i was done by 2nd week in october!

    there are alot of scholarships that cover travel costs as well.

    the first time you go to the nursing departmaent, ask about WIA. It is a federally funded county program that will cover gas and hotels!!!

    anyays, good luck!!!
  11. by   RUganizaLVN
    Oh cool I will do that! Thanks for the info... well again congratulations on your success! talk to u again soon =)
  12. by   kelseyboling
    Quote from CRNAspire
    Dont forget about EAC in Thatcher AZ!!! (East of Globe on Highway 70). I was on a wait list in Phoenix, called EA in November and started in January (finish this December)!! I pay like 750/ semester with tuition AND fees!!!

    Just a reminder!!

    Is the nursing program there a four year bachelors degree program? i cant find any information on it. I am from Morenci which is about 30 minutes from thatcher. I took college courses at EAC during high school, i am a freshman attending mcc in mesa. I like the small town vibe and i miss my family so I am planning on moving back down and attending eac for nursing. but I am not sure if it is the right decision. and i cant seem to find any information about it on the eac website. any information would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  13. by   CRNAspire
    No, it is not a BSN. The BSN is becoming very easy to achieve with distance programs.

    Any nursing school is tough, but you cant beat the EAC tuition, or being close to home. just my opinion...
  14. by   LG1137
    Congrats on being almost done!

    I looked at the EAC website. It says that an entry requirement is to be a certified Nursing Assistant.

    Can you share your experiences? Do you know if they make exceptions?